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Which name is given to a variety of rotary, electromechanical, position-sensing devices? synchro
Which principle does a synchro run on? electromagnetic induction
Synchros are used primarily for the rapid and accurate transmission of what between equipment and stations? information
What are the two general classifications of synchro systems? torque and control
Which type of synchros are used in systems that are designed to move heavy loads such as gun directors, radar antennas, and missile launchers? control
Which two broad categories can the synchros used in the Navy be grouped into? Military standard and Prestandard Navy
How many symbols meet the standard military specifications for schematic diagrams of synchros and synchro connections? five
What are the two common types of synchro rotors in use? salient-pole and drum/wound
Which part of a synchro is a cylindrical structure of slotted laminations on which three Y-connected coils are wound with their axes 120 degrees apart? stator
What is a measure of how much load a machine can turn? torque
Which unit of measurement are torque synchro measurements in? ounce-inches
What is the measurement of work? foot-pounds
The strength of the magnetic field produced by what determines the torque? stator
Military standard and Navy prestandard synchros are designed to operate on either 115v or how many volts? 26v
Synchros used in shipboard equipment are designed predominantly for how many volts? 115v
How many volts do most aircraft synchros operate on? 26v
Which frequency are synchros designed to operate on? 60 or 400Hz
What is the most widely used frequency for airborne equipment? 400Hz
Standard synchros are designed to withstand surrounding temperatures ranging from -67 F to what at the terminal board? +257F
Prestandard synchros operate in a range of -13F to what temperature? +185F
To meet military specifications, all standard synchros must be capable of continuous operation for 1,000 hours at how many revolutions per min (rpm) without a load? 1200 rpm
Low-speed prestandard synchros must be capable of continuous operation for how many hours at 300 rpm without a load? 500 hours
Low-speed pretandard synchros must be capable of continuous operation for 1,500 hours at what rpm without a load? 1200 rpm
Which type of transmitter converts the angular position of its rotor (mechanical input) into an electrical output signal? synchro torque
What is the common stepdown between the rotor and a single coil? 2.2:1
When stator voltages are measured, reference is always made to what voltages instead of a single coil's voltage? terminal-to-terminal
Synchro torque receivers, commonly called synchro receivers, are electrically identical to torque transmitters of the same size except for the addition of some form of what? damping
What are the two types of damping methods? electrical and mechanical
Which condition exists when both transmitter and receiver rotors in a synchro system are on zero or displaced from zero by the same angle? correspondence
What is the angle called through which a transmitter rotor is mechanically rotated? signal
What is necessary to determine the actual position of the synchros rotor? labeling
When large amounts of power and a higher degree of accuracy are required, as in the movement of heavy radar antennas and gun turrets, torque sychro systems give way to the use of what type of synchros? control synchro
What is a control synchro device accurately governing some type of power amplifying device used for moving heavy equipment? control transformer
Which control transformer (CT) windings are considered to be the primary windings? stator windings
`Which type of simple system should the synchro capacitor never be used in? transmitter-receiver
Data that covers a wide range of values are handled very effectively and still maintain a high degree of accuracy in what type of synchro system? multispeed
The advent of long-range missiles and high-speed aircraft has brought about the need for accurately transmitting very large quantities. This is best done by what type of synchro system? tri-speed
What is the reference point for alignment of all synchro units? electrical zero
What is the most accurate method of zeroing a synchro? AC voltmeter
How many conditions must exist for a control transformer (CT) to be on electrical zero? two
What is perhaps the fastest method of zeroing a synchro? electrical lock
What are used primarily for quickly locating defective synchros? snychro testers
Which method is used in synchro receivers to prevent the rotor from oscillating or spinning? damping
What is a low voltage used in multispeed synchro systems that contain CTs to prevent false synchronizations? stickoff voltage
Which signal lights are used to aid maintenance personnel in locating synchro trouble quickly? trouble indicators
The earth spins about its polar axis at over how many mph at the equator? 1000 mph
Which type of mechanical device contains a spinning mass that is universally mounted? gyroscope
Which two basic properties do gyroscopes have? rigidity and precession
Which gyro property relates to the axis of rotation having a tendency to turn at a right angle to the direction of an applied force? precession
What is the ability of a gyro to keep its axis fixed in space called? rigidity
Which devices permit the rotor to assume any position and retain that position when the support is tipped or repositioned? gimbals
What is the strength with which a gyro resists any external force that would tilt its rotor spin axis? gyro rigidity
How many factors determine gyro rigidity? three
Precession is the result of which two forces? angular momentum and torque
Which term is an indication of the number of axes about which the rotor is free to process? degrees of freedom
A gyro mounted in two gimbals has how many degrees of freedom? two
What is the effect of the earth's rotation on a gyro sometimes called? apparent drift
How many general sources of mechanical drift are there? three
What are used in weapons control equipment, aircraft instrumentation, inertial navigation, and in many other applications to detect and measure angular rates of change? rate gyros
Which type of device gives an indication, usually in the form of a voltage, that is proportional to the acceleration to which it is subjected? accelerometer
Which property is the operation of an accelerometer based on? inertia
Which one of Newton's laws states that "when a body is acted on y force, its resulting acceleration is directly proportional to the force and inversely proportional to the mass of the body."? 2nd
What are accelerometers principally used in? inertial navigation system
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