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Which year did Blaise Pascal invent the first adding machine? 1642
Which part of a number system tells you the number or symbols that are used in that system? base
Which system is the value of a number defined not only by the symbols that are used in that system? positional notation
What is the number of times a base is multiplied by itself referred to as? power
What is the power called when it is written above and to the right of the base? exponent
Which symbol represents one or more complete objects? whole number
Which type of number is a symbol representing a portion of an object? fractional
Which type of number represents one, o more, complete objects, and some portion of an object? mixed
What is the division between whole numbers and fractional numbers referred to as when you use any base other than the decimal system? radix point
Which digit in a number has the greatest effect on that number? most significant digit
Which form of counting is where one quantity is added to another? addition
What is produced when the sum of two or more digits in a vertical column equals or exceeds the base of the number system in use? carry
What is the quantity called to which an addend is added? augend
What is number call from which another number is to be subtracted? minuend
What is the simplest possible number system? binary
What is something used to complete something else called? complement
How many binary digits is one octal digit the equivalent value of? three
Which system uses 16 symbols? hexadecimal
What do computer systems use to convert decimal numbers to binary numbers? additional circuitry
Which number is a dividend divided by called? divisor
What is the number called resulting from the division of one number by another? quotient
Which method is the conversion of a decimal number to its base 8 equivalent done? repeated division
What is the best method for the conversion of octal numbers to decimal? positional notation
Which two purposes was the microprocessor designed for? data processing and control
What are the series of electrical pulses called that computers and microprocessors both operate on? words
What is defined as the science of reasoning? logic
Which type of voltage is used to represent the logic 1 state of a statement? logic polarity
What will be used to illustrate all possible input and corresponding output combinations? truth table
What are the "decision making" circuits of computers and other types of digital equipment? logic gates
Which type of logic gate is a logic circuit that requires all inputs to be true at the same time in order for the output to be true? AND gate
Which type of logic device has an output opposite of the input? inverter
Which gate is simply an AND gate with an inverter at the output? NAND
Who developed Boolean Algebra? George Boole
What is a description of the input conditions necessary to get the desired output? Boolean expression
What is a term that is true in one part of an expression will be true in all parts of the expression? law of identity
Which law is defined as the order in which terms are written does not affect their value? commutative law
What is an example of Associative law? a(bc)= ABC or A+(B+C)= A+B+C
What is an example of idempotent law? AA=A, A+A= A
What is an example of the law of intersection? 0 (A*1=A, A*0=0)
What is an example of the law of union? (A+1=1, A+0=A)
What is an example of distributive law? A+(BC)=(A+B)*(A+C)
What is an example of the law of absorption? A*(A+B)=A or A+(AB)=A
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