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Med Term Chapter 1

What is the Suffix in the word Dysmenorrhea Rrhea- Flow
WHat is the meaning of the prefix Poly Many
What term means "Hardening of the nerves" Neurosclerosis
Which correctly represents a medical term built with the following root and suffix : vas/o + Spasm Vasospasm
Which is NOT a suffix used to mean "Pertaining to" -algia
Translate the suffix -logy Study of
The prefixes e- ec- and ex all mean Out
What is the meaning of the root troph/ Nurishment Development
What is the proper translation of angiogram Record of the blood Vessel
Which of theses correctly represent a medical term built with the following root and suffix: Gastr/o + -ic Gastric
Which is the proper syllabic breakdown for the word Cardiac Arrest Car/di/ac Arr/est
In medical Terminology what is a root The foundation or subject of a term
Which root would be used in medical terms pertaining to suffering or disease Path/
A(n) __________ is a word formed by including the name of the person who discovered or invented what is being described Eponym
When putting Medical Terms together do NOT use a combining vowel to join a root to a suffix that begins with a vowel
The prefixes a- and an- both mean Not
What is the meaning of the root Hydro/ Water
When it comes to emphasizing the right syllable the basic rule is in most words rhe emphasis usually falls on the third to last syllable
What is the proper break down of the word parts in the term Hemarthrosis hem/arthr/osis
What correctly represents the medical term built with the following parts: Hypo+ Glyc/o+ emia Hypoglycemia
Identify the correct pronunciation for the bracketed syllable in {gam}ophobia gam
Translate the prefix Oligo Few
The suffixes -algia and -dynia both mean Pain
Identify and define the prefix in the term Transdermal Across
Which is NOT suffix used to mean small -ic
What is NOT a root that means skin My/o
Translate the root Hepat/o Liver
What is the meaning if the root xen/o Foreign
Identify and define the prefix in the term Eugenic Eu- good
Identify the correct pronunciation for the bracketed syllable {pneu}mothorax noo
Which syllable is emphasized the word arthroscope AR- throh- skohp
What is the meaning of the prefix contra- Against
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