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Which type of waveform undergoes a pattern of changes that returns to its original pattern and repeats the same pattern of changes called? periodic
Periodic waveforms are nonsinusodial except for what? sine wave
What is each completed pattern of a periodic waveform called? cycle
What is the time called for one complete cycle? pulse
What is the number of times in one second that the cycle repeats itself called? pulse repetition frequency (PRF)
Rise time is defined as the time required for the voltage to build up from 10% to what percent of the maximum amplitude point? 90%
What is the time required for the voltage to drop from 90% to 10% of the maximum amplitude point? fall time
What is used to furnish deflection current in the electromagnetic cathode ray tube and is found in television and radar display systems? trapezoidal wave
What is a very narrow pulse called? trigger
What are nonsinusoidal oscillators generally called? relaxation oscillators
Which type of circuit is most often used to generate square or rectangular waves? multivibrator
Astable, monostable, along with what else are the three types of multivibrators? bistable
Which type of multivibrator alternates between two different output voltage levels during the time it is on? astable
Which type of multivibrator is used in computer logic systems and communication navigation equipment? monostable
What are used in switching-circuit applications (computer logic operations) as counters, shift registers, clock pulse generators, and in memory circuits? flip-flops
What is a special type of wave generator used to produce a narrow pulse, or trigger? blocking oscillator
What gives the most rapid transient response without overshoot? critical damping
What is caused by very low resistance and gives a slow transient response? overdamping
What gives rapid transient response with overshoot caused by high or infinite resistance? underdamping
Which type of waveform do all radar sets, oscilloscopes, and computer circuits use? sawtooth
Which type of device limits some part of a waveform from exceeding a specified value? limiter
Limiting circuits are used primarily for wave shaping and what other applications? circuit protection
Which circuit uses the same diode theory and voltage divider action as series limiters? parallel-limiter
What clamps or restrains either the upper or lower extremity of a waveform to a fixed DC potential? clamping circuit
Which type of circuits are widely used for coupling signals from one stage to another? series RC
Timing circuits and circuits which require a particular shape or "spike" of voltage, may use what type of circuits? shaping
What is a waveform other than a sine wave called? complex wave
What is the sine wave which has the lowest frequency in the complex periodic wave referred to as? fundamental frequency
Which term as applied to square waves, means that the waveform must be perfectly square? pure
What is used as a waveshaping network in communications, radar, and computers? RC integrator
Which type of circuit is used in timing or counting circuits in which the number of input pulses are represented by the output voltage? positive-diode counter
Most step counters operate on a ratio of what or less? 5 to 1
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