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Business Letter

When to use business letter? Corresponding with non federal agencies or individuals or if letter calls for personal approach within CG or DOD.
When writing to a company but directing letter to a particular person do what? Use Attn: between company name and address
If letter addressed to company name then salutation is: Dear Sir or Madam
If letter is addressed to all male organization salutation is Dear Sirs. Gentlemen.
If letter is addressed to all female organization salutation is Ladies or Mesdames
Business letter salutation if you are not sure of gender mix Ladies and gentlemen or dear sir or madam
Where are examples of addresses and salutations found? Appendix C correspondence manual
Every business letter needs what to show its origin? Letter head
How are dates written on business letter? September 5, 1997
What is a short letter? 8 lines or 100 words
What type of spacing between lines of business letter? Single
Indent or number main paragraphs of business letter? No
What is complimentary close for business letter? Where? Sincerely. Start at center of the page on second line below the text
Start signature block of business letter where? Center of page beginning on the fourth line below Sincerely
How is name written for signature block business letter? All capitals B. P. JONES
What information goes in a signature block of business letter? (a) name of signer in all capital letters; (b) military grade (if any) spelled out; (c) job title; (d) U.S. Coast Guard and (e) By direction if the person usually signs By direction.
Can ACTING and BY DIRECTION be used on a business letter? Yes
How many major SSIC groups? 13
SSIC 1000 Military personnel
SSIC 2000 Information technology and communications
SSIC 3000 Operations and readiness
SSIC 4000 Logistics
SSIC 5000 General Admin and management
SSIC 6000 Medicine and Dentistry
SSIC 7000 Financial Management
SSIC 8000 Ordnance Material
SSIC 9000 Ships design and Material
SSIC 10000 General Material
SSIC 11000 Facilities and activities ashore
SSIC 12000 Civilian personnel
SSIC 13000 Aeronautical and astronautical material
Created by: Sansha
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