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Spring Final Review

2nd Semester Final Exam Review

Bones & Muscles Growth Muscles
Mammary Glands Prolactin
Testes & Ovaries Luteinizing & Follicle Stimulating
Thyroid Thyroid Stimulating (TSH)
Adrenal Cortex Adrenocorticotropic (ACTH)
Small glands that ride "horseback" on the Thyroid? Parathyroid
Endocrine producing organ present only in pregnant women? Placenta
Aldosterone F= Adrenal Cortex
Cortisone F= Adrenal Cortex
Epinephrine G= Adrenal Medulla
Estrogen I & L= Ovaries & Placenta
Glucagon H= Pancreas
Insulin H= Pancreas
Melatonin A= Pineal Gland
Oxytocin B
Progesterone I & L= Ovaries & Placenta
Prolactin C
PTH K= Parathyroid
Growth Hormone C
Testosterone J= Testes
Thymosin E= Thymus
Thyrocalcitonin D= Thyroid
Thyroxine D= Thyroid
The larnyx is also called? The "Voice-Box"
From the larnyx, air passes into a tube about 4 1/2 inches long called? Trachea
The bronchii divide to make smaller tubes called? Bronchioles
Three smaller tubes are line with hair-like structures called? Cilia
Collectively, the alveoli are sometimes called the? Respiratory Membrane
The mouth is the __________ of the Digestive System. beginning
What is mechanical digestion? The "tearing, grinding, and chewing process"
Where does chemical digestion begin? mouth
Where does chemical digestion take place? mouth
How many pairs of salivary glands are within the tissues of the mouth? 3 (three)
Name the digestive enzyme in saliva: Amylase
Amylase breaks starch molecules into: Sugar
Where does chyme go after it leaves the stomach? Small Intestine
What does the term "emulsify" mean? to change into small drops.
What happens to chyme in the small intestine? chemical digestion continues.
Where are fats emulsified? at the wall of the small intestine.
What is bile? substance used in the small intestine.
How is the gallbladder connected to the small intestine? through a small tube.
What is the job of the pancreas? to add more digestive chemicals to the chyme.
The right side of the heart pumps blood from the heart to the lungs. This process is called: Pulmonary Circulation
The left side of the heart pumps blood to the rest of the body. This process is called: System Circulation
O2=Poor ; CO2=Rich Deoxygenated Blood
O2=Rich ; CO2=Poor Oxygenated Blood
right atrium --> tricuspid valve --> right ventricle ... to lungs O2=Poor ; CO2=Rich "Deoxygenated Blood"
lungs --> left atrium --> bicuspid valve --> left ventricle ... to body O2=Rich ; CO2=Poor "Oxygenated Blood"
Created by: kserrano005