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Ch 17 - 20 Vocab

Vocabulary for Chapters 17 through 20

Lord Nobles and decendants of Frankish warriors and Roman land owners. Most powerful people.
Stockade Wooden fences built around houses
Serfs People bound to the land they work
Minstrels Traveling musicians
Counts Officials who run the courts
Clans Group based on family ties
Coracles Boats made by stretching cow hide over a wooden frame; Some large enough to hold as many as 30 people; Handled well at sea; Used for travel, trade, and fishing
Chieftan Military leader who has had a successful fighting past
Vandalism Willful destruction of property
Shires District area of land
Sheriff Local noble chosen by king;
Anointed Blessed with holy oil
King's Peace Royal protection; Protected king
Fjord Narrow bays
Jarl Military Chiefs
Witenagemot Group of nobles and church leaders that talk over problems
Witan Wiseman
Berserkers Viking warriors
Eddas Stories turned into poems
Runes Letters languages were written in
Created by: miaponygirl9