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W>I>M>E adrian


What was the war that over 60000 people died in just that one day, and over 100 fireman and cops died ? 911 Sept,14,2001
Where were most of the wars fought at in the middle east? Turkey,Iraq,Iran,Afghanistan,and Kuwait.
What was the Persian Gulf also know as? the Operation Desert Storm.
How many planes were hijacked on 9/11? There were 4 planes on 9/11.
What happened to the 4 planes that got hijacked? The first plane hit the twin towers , and the second plane hit a little later,then the third plane hit the pentagon . The very last planes crashed in a field in Pennsylvania.
When did the Persian Gulf war accur? August 1990
When did the Iraqi war begin? 2003.
When did the Iraqi war end ? 2011.
What small country did we create in 1920? Kuwait.
When was Suddam Hussein captured? 2003.
When was Kuwait created ? 1921.
Who was the President in Iraq in 1990? Suddam Hussein.
How many people were saved from the rubble in the world trade center? only 18 people out of all those people.
What did the Iraqi Freedom do? The Iraqi Freedom defeated the Iraqi army.
`Why did the U.S and British invate Afghanistan? They were trying to find and bring justice to Osama Ben Laden.
Created by: adriangriffin123