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Amplifiers ET2 BIBS MAR 2017 EXAM

Which term describes the size of a signal? amplitude
Which type of device enables an input signal to control an output signal? amplifier
Which two ways can most amplifiers be classified? function or frequency response
What is an amplifier in which the output signal voltage is larger than the input signal voltage? voltage amplifier
What is an amplifier in which the output power signal is larger than the input signal power? power amplifier
Audio amplifier,, RF amplifier, along with what else are the three broad categories of frequency response for amplifiers? video amplifier
An audio amplifier is designed to amplify frequencies between 15 Hz and what? 20 kHz
RF amplifiers designed to amplify frequencies between 10 kHz to what? 100,000 MHz
A video amplifier is an amplifier designed to amplify a ban of frequencies from 10 Hz and what? 6 MHz
How many classes of operation for an amplifier are there? four
Which class of amplifier has the characteristics of good fidelity and low efficiency? class A
Which term means that the output signal is just like the input in all respects except amplitude? fidelity
What is any undesired change in a signal in a signal from input to output? distortion
Which operating class is the amplifier if the amplifying device is biased in such a way that current flows in the device for 51%-99% of the input signal? class AB
Which type of amplifier has the worst fidelity? class C
What is the process known as of transferring energy between circuits? coupling
What is the most commonly used coupling in amplifiers? RC coupling
What is caused by a small part of the signal from the amplifier output being sent back to the input of the amplifier? oscillation
What is the process of sending part of the output signal of an amplifier back to the input of the amplifier called? feedbackt
What is accomplished by adding part of the output signal in phase with the input signal? positive feedback
What is accomplished by adding part of the output signal out of phase with the input signal? negative feedback
Which type of device produces two signals that differ in phase from each other from a single input signal? phase splitter
Which type of amplifier uses two transistors whose output signals are added together to provide a larger gain than a single transistor could provide? push-pull
What amplifies signals that represent video information? video amplifier
Which type of amplifier will most likely be used by any device that uses frequency between 10 kHz and 100,00 MHz? RF amplifier
What provided a "picture" of the performance of an amplifier at various frequencies? frequency-response curves
What property of an amplifier is the difference between the frequency limits of the amplifier? bandwidth (BW)
Any frequency that produces less than what percent of the maximum output voltage (or current) is outside the bandwidth and in most cases, is not considered a useable output of the amplifier? 70.7%
Capacitance opposes changes in voltage, which what opposes changes in current? inductance
What are inductors (coils) when used for high frequency compensation called? peaking coils
What is the use of both series and shunt peaking coils known as? combination peaking
Which circuit provides the desired response at a particular frequency? frequency-determining network
What is the parallel LC circuit used as a frequency-determining network called? tuned circuit
What is the most common method used to couple RF amplifiers? transformer coupling
For transformers, what term refers to the amount of energy transferred from the primary to the secondary of the transformer? coupling
The losses in a transformer are classifies as copper loss, eddy-current loss, and what else? hysteresis loss
What is caused by the realignment of the magnetic domains in the core of the transformer each time the polarity of the magnetic field changes? hysteresis loss
Which process solves the problem of interelectrode capacitance in the transistor of an RF amplifier? neutralization
Which type of amplifier can have two input signals and/or two output signals? differential
Which type of amplifier can add, subtract, multiply, divide, and even perform the calculus operations of integration and differentiation? operational
How many outputs can the differential amplifier have? two
how many stages are there within the operational amplifier? three
Which type of operation does the operational amplifier have without feedback? open-loop
What is a point in a circuit which is at ground potential (0v) but is not connected to ground? virtual ground
What will always produce an output that is equal to the sum of the input signal but opposite in polarity? adder circuit
What property of the circuit is determined by the ratio between the feedback resistor and the input resistors? gain
Which circuit multiplies each input by a factor and then adds these values together? scaling amplifier
The magnetic amplifier has very high efficiency (up to what percent)? 90%
What does the magnetic amplifier use to amplify a signal? electromagnetism
What is defined as the measure of the ability of a material to act as a path for additional magnetic lines of force? permeability
What is defined as the number of lines of force passing through a given area? flux density
What is a magnetic-core reactor (coil) whose reactance is controlled by changing the permeability of the core? saturable-core reactor
What is the point of maximum curvature on a magnetization curve? knee of the curve
What does a magnetic amplifier have in addition to a saturable-core reactor? rectifier
Created by: nng7294
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