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What is used to monitor the operation of an electrical or electronic device, or to determine the reason a device is not operating properly? circuit measurement
Which type of meter is used to monitor the operation of the device in which it is installed? in-circuit
What is the process of locating and repairing faults in equipment after they have occurred? troubleshooting
Which type of meter can be used wherever you wish to connect it? out-of-circuit
Which type of instrument measures small amounts of current and is based on the electromagnetic principle? Galvanometer
Which device changes alternating current to a form of direct current? rectifier
What is the process of "smoothing out" the oscillation of the pointer? damping
Which type of meter movement is the most commonly used movement for AC meters? moving-vane
Which type of meter consists of a resistance wire across the meter terminals which heats in proportion to the amount of current? Thermocouple
Which type of device is used to measure current? ammeter
Connecting an ammeter in what way would give you not only an incorrect measurement, it would also damage the ammeter, because too much current would pass through the meter? parallel
What is the amount of current necessary to cause full scale deflection (maximum reading) of the ammeter? ammeter sensitivity
Most meter movements in use today have sensitivities from 5 microamperes to what? 1 miliampere
What is a resistor called that is in parallel with meter movement? shunt resistor
In what way must ammeters always be connected with the circuit under test? series
How are voltmeters always connected? parallel
What formula can be used to calculate voltage if the current and resistance are known? E=IR
How is voltmeter sensitivity expressed? Ohms per volt
What device is widely used to measure resistance and check continuity of electrical circuits and devices? Ohmmeter
Which device is widely used for measuring insulation resistance? Megger
The range of a megger may extend to more than how many megohms? 1,000
How many volts are Navy meggers usually rated at? 500 volts
What is the most common measuring device used in the Navy? Multimeter
Which type of meter movement do most multimeters use? D'Arsonval
What is used to measure electric power? Wattmeter
What is energy the product of? power and time
What type of frequency meter is one of the simplest devices for indicating the frequency of an AC source? Vibrating-reed
Moving-disk frequency meters are most commonly what type of meters? out-of-circuit
What are used to measure resistance and to check continuity? Ohmmeters
Which single meter combines the function of a dc ammeter, a dc voltmeter, an ac ammeter, an ac voltmeter, and an ohmmeter? Multimeter
What is the application and removal of power in its simplest form? circuit control
Most circuit control devices are either switches, solenoids, or what else? relays
Which type of switch is controlled by a person? manual
Which type of switch is controlled by a mechanical or electrical device? automatic
Multi-contact switches are usually classified by the number of poles and number of what? throws
Which type of switch is a mid-contact switch part of the schematic with the contacts arranged in a full or partial circle? rotary
Which term means that the switch will only remain in the momentary position as long as the actuator is held in that position? momentary
Which type of switch is a switch in which the movement of the switch mechanism (contacts) is relatively independent of the activating mechanism movement? snap-acting
What is the accurate snap-acting switch commonly called? microswitch
Which switch property refers to the maximum current the switch is designed to carry? current rating
Which switch property refers to the maximum voltage allowable in the circuit in which the switch is used? voltage rating
How many or more times without failure are most switches designed to operate if the voltage and current ratings are not exceeded? 100,000
What is a control device that uses electromagnetism to convert electrical energy into mechanical motion? solenoid
What is produced from current flowing through a conductor? magnetic field
What is the first step for troubleshooting a solenoid? visual inspection
What are electrically operates control switches? relays
What are power relays referred to as? contactors
What problem may be created at the contacts when current flows in one direction through a relay? cone and crater
What type of tool is used to clean the contacts of a relay? burnishing tool
What tool is used to adjust contact spacing of a relay? point bender
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