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q.o.d= every other day
b.i.d= twice a day
h.s= at bedtime
ID= intradermal
s.c= subcutaneous
p.c= after meals
p.o= by mouth
q.i.d= every other day
STAT= immediatly, give at once
a.d= right ear
NPO= nothing by mouth
c,cum= with
Sig.= write the following directions on the label
I.U= international unit
prn= used as needed
q4h= every 4 hours
a.c= before meals
c.c.= with meals
q.d= ever day
s,sine= without
o.s= left eye
SL= sublingual
IM= intramuscular
what is the most frequent route of drug administration? oral
name the 6 rights::MATRPR medicationamounttimeroute of administrationpatientright documentation
teaching plan should include::---- info on drugeffectsadministrations
od=os= os=left eyeod=right eye
ad=as= ad=right earas=left ear
drugs can be administered by---- subcutaneousintramuscularintravenousintradermalintra arterialintracardiac
a __________________ injection places the drug into the tissues between the skin and the muscle subcutaneous
needle is used at a 45 degree angle subcutaneous
an___________________injection is the administration of a drug into a muscle intramuscular
when a druge is given by intramuscular route the needle s inserted at a _____degree angle 90
drugs are mixed with a compatible IV fluid and administered over 30-60 minutes piggy back infusions
____________________is the escape of fluid from a blood vessel into surrounding tissues while -extravasation or infiltration extravasation
________is the collection of fluid in tissues when the needle or catheter is out of the vein-extravasation or infiltration infiltration
what are the 3 domains of learning? cognitiveaffectivepsychomotor
this domain refers to intellectual activities such as thought, recall, decision making and drawing conclusions cognitive
this domain includes attitudes and feelings affective
this domain involves learning physical skills psychomotor
fastest route of drug adiminstration? intravenous
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