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French Revolution

Estates General -Legislative body to the French king -Organized based on social system of France - Called after 175 years & meeting did not go well
Regime Ancien - Political and social system that existed before the French Revolution. - The king had authority over everyone (they were his subjects) and people were part of estates
Louis XVI -absolute monarch of France, was disliked by the 3rd class because he did not show much care towards them -France got stuck in a bad financial problem due to his extravagant lifestyle + funding of wars -held prisoner, tried, executed by his people
Third Estate -Consisted of the working + lower class + peasants of France -Had to do military service, pay taxes, + did not have privileges that the other two classes had -Made up most of France's population
First Estate - the Roman Catholic Clergy - had power over peasants - did not have to do military service + did not have to pay most taxes -many of them had luxurious lives -tolled people who used their roads and markets *GIVEN SPECIAL PRIVILEGES
Second Estate -Nobles - had power over peasants - did not have to do military service + did not have to pay most taxes -many of them had luxurious lives -tolled people who used their roads and markets *GIVEN SPECIAL PRIVILEGES
Tennis Court Oath -Taken by the third estate, they vowed to write a constitution - They ( the third estate) named themselves the NATIONAL ASSEMBLY
National Assembly - Made up of people from the 3rd estate - Wrote the Declaration of the Rights of Man and Citizen - Formed during the Tennis Court Oath
National Convention -After the execution of Louis XVI, France became a Republic and the National Convention took control. - Established the Committee of Public Safety which was run by Robespierre -Committee initiated the "Reign of Terror"
Reign of Terror - If the Committee of Public Safety (who created the Reign of Terror) thought that an individual was not loyal to the revolution, he/she were executed
Robespierre -Ran the Committee of Public Safety -His Committee executed lots of people!
Jacobins -Dominated the Constituent Assembly, wanted radical change + persecution of Louis XVI
Bastille - prison + armory -the lower class people of France invaded the Bastille with to take weapons in order to defend the National/Legislative Assembly from the King's troops. In a turn of events, the troops unite with those people. King = held prisoner
Committee of Public Safety - Established by the National Convention -Run by Robespierre -Executed any individual that they thought to be disloyal to the revolution
Guillotine -Device used to execute people during the Reign of Terror
Directory - In this form of gov, the French depended on Napoleon to defend France from outside invasion
Declaration of the Rights of Man -Written by the National Assembly who wanted it to express how France was to be run
Napoleon -Great military leader, came after the end of Terror -became Emperor of France -Made Napoleonic Code: everyone fair under the law, no more privileges, religious freedom + trial by jury guaranteed -Conquered multiple European lands
Enlightenment -A lot of Enlightenment thinkers came from France -Enlightenment ideas influenced the French Revolution
American Revolution -Influenced the French Revolution: many French people who fought with the Americans were impressed and inspired by the American patriot's ideals : "unalienable rights" "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness" "all men are created equal"
Inflation Poor harvests = not enough food for the lower class = bread and other food prices increased in France (during the time King Louis XVI was in control)
Napoleonic Code Laws created by Napoleon that all French people had to obey. *Other parts of Europe that were overthrown by Napoleon and under his control had to follow the Napoleonic Code.
Created by: Sabrina Akter