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Mt Sac Med Term # 6

Medical Sac Med Term # 6

tachypnea abnormally rapid breathing
CHF heart failure in which the heart is unable to maintain adequate circulation of blood in the tissues of the body
apnea temporary cessation of breathing, especially during sleep.
Hodgkin lymphoma (disease) malignant tumor or lymphatic tissue in the spleen and lymph nodes.
troponin a globular protein complex involved in muscle contraction. it occurs with tropomyosin in the thin filaments of muscle tissue
UA Urinalysis
Aneurysm An excessive localized enlargement of an artery caused by a weakening of the artery wall
renal pertaining to the kidney
t.i.d. Three times a day
obstetrics branch in medicine dealing with the care of women during pregnancy and child birth
Otolaryngology The study of diseases of the ear and throat
Epinephrine Increase heart rate and blood pressure, dilates bronchial tube, and releases glucose from glycogen when the body needs it for more energy
Ectopic pregnancy Implantation of the fertilized egg in any site other than the normal uterine location
Anencephaly A severe congenital condition in which a large part of the skull is absent along with the cerebral hemispheres of the brain
Cortisone Synthetic form as a drug, especially to treat adrenal insufficiency, certain allergies, and inflammation, as from rheumatoid arthritis.
cryosurgery use of extreme cold produced by liquid nitrogen to destroy abnormal tissue.
cirrhosis chronic disease of the liver marked by degeneration of cells, inflammation, and fibrous thickening of tissue
corticosteroids any of a group of steroid hormones produced in the adrenal cortex or made synthetically.
Adrenal gland produces epinephrine and norepinephrine
Sublingual Under the tongue
Gestation Nine month period during which a fertilized egg develops into an infant, pregnancy
UTI Urinary Tract Infection
LP withdrawal of cerebrospinal fluid from the subarachnoid space between two lumbar vertebrae, spinal tap
meningitis inflammation of the meninges
TSH Thyroid Stimulating Hormone
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