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Circulation guyton

Circulation - guyton

What is distensibily of blood vessels? All the blood vessels are strechable.
Most distensibility in? Veins 8x more distensible then arteries
Distensiblitiy difference between pulmonary and systemic The pressure is 1/6 less so the distensibility is 1/6 less
Vascular distensibility causes? Less resistence, smooth blood flow.
A increase in volume in arterial system causes? drastic pressure change.
How much blood is filled in the arterial system? 750ml
If volume is lowered to 500ml what happens to the pressure? Dropps to zero.
Delayed compliance vessels exposed to increased volume first exibits large increase in pressure but delayed stretch of the vessels walls drive the pressure back down to normal.
What does effect the pressure? Stroke volume, total distensibility of hte arterial tree and character of injection
What happens to the pressure as it travels down the arterial tree and why? It gets damped because 1, the resistance to blood movement and 2, complinace of vessels.
What central venus pressure? It's in the right atrium where all veins flow into.
What increases the venous return? 1, increased blood volume. 2, increased peripheral venus pressure. 3, dilatation of arterioles->rapid flow of blood.
What causes higher pressure in atrium? (1) Heart failure 2) massive blood transfusion.
What causes the pressure in the atrium to drop? 1)excessive pump 2)blood flow to the atrium is depressed.
Why does large veins offer some resistence to blood flow? Because of the collapsing vein or because of a compressed vein.
Which veins in the body does not collapse? In the sinus veins in the brain.
What happens to a standing person when the vein gets damage? Air enters the blood stream and causes a air embolism in the heart.
Where do we have specific reservoirs? In spleen, liver, large abdominal veins, venous plexus beneath the skin, heart and the lungs.
What is the spleens function? Stores red blood cells, Cleans the body from old cells, bakteria, parasites etc.
Created by: Malekian