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offers the employee a range of hours instead of fixed hours flextime
performs back office or clinical duties, such as sterilization, assisting with minor surgeries etc. clinical medical assistant
requires medical knowledge, organizational and business skills, and the ability to meet accepted performance standards of health care workers administrative medical assistant
personality characterisitics, include: dedication, commitment, inetgrity, consideration and respect for others interpersonal skills
being able to put yourself in the patients situation or understanding their point of view empathy
displaying feelings that are so close to the person affected that you are similarly affected sympathy
these type of people are pushy, forward and overbearing aggressive
reflects professional confidence. shows respect for others and doesnt feel threatened assertive
offers medical care and support to patients and family members dealing with a terminal illness and the loss of a loved one hospice
condition comprising of physical,psychological, and emotional reactions stress
term used to describe a condition that results from too much or too little stress burnout
credentially sanctioned by a states legislature (the government) licensure
meeting a state standard or being evaluated and recognized by a national organization accreditation
not controlled by the government. implies that an individual has met iether minimum competency requirements or a level of excellence in the area defined certification
requires continuin education (CEUs) recertification
practioner cross trained to provide more than one function (MSHP) multiskilled health practicioner (MSHP)
offers a national certification exam to graduates of a medical assisting program AAMA
AAMA stands for american association of medical assistants
CMA stands for certified medical assistant
NCMA stands for nationally certified medical assistant
AMT stands for american medical technologists
RMA stands for registered medical assistant
what is a caduceus? symbols of the medical profession
used to monitor and control testing, medication, surgeries, and other areas where overuse occur utilization review
arrangment in which either the physician's office or the patient submits a claim to the insurance company and the full amount allowed by the insurance company is collected fee for service
define PCP primary care physician-assumes all responsibility for overall treatment of patient
delivery system that strives to manage the cost, quality, and delivery of health care by emphasizing preventative medicine MCO- managed care organization
TYPE OF MANAGE CARE ORGANZATION:-is a prepaid health plan that has been in existence the longest of all manage care plans HMO- health maitenance organization
a fixed fee paid monthly per enrolled patient, regardless of the number of services actually used capitation
TYPE OF MANAGE CARE ORGANZATION:-offers a contractual agreement between the health care provider and employers, insurance carriers, or 3rd party administrators to provide health care services at a discounted rate PPO- preferred provider organization
TYPE OF MANAGE CARE ORGANZATION:-a group of individual health care providers that contract with HMOs and PPOs to provide care at a discounted rate IPA- independent practice association
TYPE OF MANAGE CARE ORGANZATION:-requires members to have a designated primary care physician. offered to large employers who agree not to contract with any other plan EPO-exclusive provider organization
TYPE OF MANAGE CARE ORGANZATION:-contracts with independent providers at a discounted rate. members have the choice at the time services are need of receiving services from an HMO, PPO, or fee for service plan POS- point of service plan
MEDICAL PRACTICE SETTING:-once physician works alone in a small office with a small staff solo physician practice
MEDICAL PRACTICE SETTING:-2 or more practicioners share office expenses, exmployees and on call schedule associate practice
MEDICAL PRACTICE SETTING:-3 or more physicians agree to practice using the same office space, sharing office expenses, employees, income and the on-call schedule group practice
MEDICAL PRACTICE SETTING:-2 or more physicians associate in the practice of medicine under a legal partnership agreement partnership
MEDICAL PRACTICE SETTING:-is an entity unto itself. has legal and business status that is independent of its share holders professional corporation
MEDICAL PRACTICE SETTING:-also known as free standing emergency centers. provide extended hours to accommodate patients urgent care centers
MEDICAL PRACTICE SETTING:-offer a broad range of specialties and sophisticated testing equipment clinics
MEDICAL PRACTICE SETTING:-found in small scale chain stores, offers a limited range of basic tests and treatments at a lower cost than most Drs offices minute clinic
MEDICAL PRACTICE SETTING:-facilities that provide 24 hour acute care and treatment for the sick and injured. also provide emergency medical care hospitals
HOSPITAL TYPES:-denote services provided at sites other than the hospital setting medical center
HOSPITAL TYPES:-exist to serve the needs of a group of patients having similar medial conditions specialized care centers
branch of ethics dealing with issues, questions and problems that arise in the practice of medicine and in biomedical research bioethics
the customary code of conduct, courtesy, and manners in the medical practice etiquette
what does HIPAA stand for? health insurance portability & accountability act
defined as information about the patients past, present, or future health condition that contains personal identifyable data protected health information (PHI)
BONDING TYPES::also known as a name schedule or umbrella bond, offers coverage for a specific job. position schedule bonding
BONDING TYPES::coverage for all employees regardless of job title blanket position bonding
BOND TYPES::coverage for those who handle large amounts of money: a thorough background invesitgation is required personal bonding
another name for law suit; patient waives his or her rights to confidentiality litigation
PRINCIPLE DEFENSES::this defense applies when a patient acts in such a manner as to contribute to his or her own disability or disfigurment contributory negligence
PRINCIPAL DEFENSE::this defense applies when a patient understood the risks of a particular operation or other medical procedure and signed a document giving informed consent assumption of risk
PRINCIPLE DEFENSE::this defense applies when the time limit for legal action on medical negligence has been exceeded statute of limitations
_____________literally means "under penalty" is a court order for witness to appear in court subpoena
_______ law; statute that enforces private rights and liabilities as differeniatied from criminal law. civil law
subpoena duces tecum under penalty you shall bring with you
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