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s.s. week 5 vocab

amend to alter,change,or add to
armory a storehouse for arms
Broadside something, such as an advertisement or public notice, that is printed on a large piece of paper
Charter a document issued by the government, creating a public or private corporation
Guerrilla a member of an irregular military unit operating in small bands in occupied territory to harass and undermine the enemy,as by surprise raids
inalienable incapable of being alienated,surrendered, or transferred
ordinance a local law
Reminiscence a narration of past experiences
Representative Government a form of government in which the citizens delegate authority to elected representatives
Revenue income of a government for the payment of the public expenses
Secede to withdraw from an organization
Segregate to seperate by race; to keep apart
Squatter to settle on unoccupied land without legal claim
Veto to reject a bill from being a law
Black Kettle prominent leader of the southern Cheyenne during the american Indian wars
Cyrus K. Holiday one of the founders of the of the township of topeka and kansas
John James Ingalls american politician
James Lane partisan during the bleeding Kansas period period that immediately preceded the American civil war
Abraham Lincoln 16th president of the united states
Julia Louisa Lovejoy she was an abolitionist
Sterling Price soldier,lawyer,planter,and politician from the U.S. state of Missouri who served as the 11th governor of the state
William C. Quantrill confederate leader during the american civil war
Charles Robinson first governor of Kansas
Medicine Lodge most popular city in and the country city of Barber Country,Kansas United States
Lawrence 6th largest city in the state of Kansas
Fort Leavenworth united states army installation located in Leavenworth Country, Kansas
Created by: huffdd
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