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Chapter 27, 30

examinations and procedures

Anorexia nervosa an eating disorder of psychological origin.
Appendicitis Acute inflammation of the appendix usually caused by infection or obstruction.
Bulimia a syndrome in which an individual binges on food and then purges by inducing vomiting
cholecystitis inflammation of the gallbladder.
colon cancer common malignancy characterized by change in bowel habits,
crohn's disease chronic disease that exhibits inflammation of the ileum resulting in diarrhea, right lower quadrant pain
Diverticulitis Inflammation of diverticula usually caused by impacted feces or bacteria in the sacs
Diverticulosis diverticula in colon with out symptoms
duodenal ulcer Lesion in the mucous membrane of the small intestine usually caused by hyuperacidity or helicobacter pylon
Enterobiasis Intestinal parasites causing intestinal and rectal infection
Gastric Ulcer Caused by bacteria H. pylori, salicylates, smoking and alcohol
Gastroenteritis Inflammation of the stomach and intestinal tract.
Gastritis Inflammation of the stomach lining usually caused by an undefined irritant
Gastroesophagel relux disease A small valve int he lower esophagus leaks causing stomach acid to back up from the stomach to the esophagus
Hepatitis Inflammation of the liver caused by infection from a virus resulting in hepatomegaly, anorexia, and jaundice
Hiatal hernia Congenital or traumatic protrusion of stomach through the diaphragm into the chest cavity
Pancreatitis Inflammation of the pancreas
Pancreatic cancer Cancer of the pancreas
Hematemesis vomiting blood
melena blood in feces
hematochezia bright red blood in feces
perforate a hole caused by ulceration
peritonitis infectious organisms enter the membrane covering the internal organs
What is used to look at the upper GI barium swallow
What is used to look at the lower GI barium enema
Sigmoidoscopy diagnostic examination of the interior of the sigmoid colon
What are the parts of the eye? Sclera, Cornea, Iris, Pupil, Anterior chamber, Posterior chamber, Lens, Posterior cavity, posterior cavity, posterior sclera, choroid layer, retina
What is the sclera white area covering the outside of the eye except over the pupil and iris
What is the Cornea Clear tissue covering the pupil and iris
what is the Iris round disk of smooth and radial muscles giving the eye its color
what is the Pupil round opening in the iris that changes size as the iris racts to light and dark
What is the Anterior chamber space between cornea and iris/pupil filled with clear fluid called aqueous humor
What is the posterior chamber space between the iris and lens that is filled with aqueous humor
what is the lens clear fibers enclosed in a membrane that refract and focus light to the retina
what is the posterior cavity the space in the posterior part of the eyeball filled with thick, gelatinous material called vitreous humor
what is the posterior sclera white opaque layer covering the posterior part of the eyeball
what is the choroid layer the layer between the sclera and retina containing blood vessels
what is the retina the inside layer of the posterior part of the eye that receives the light rays
What is Myopia nearsightedness, light rays focus in front of the retina
what is hyperopia farsightedness, light rays focus beyond the retina
presbyopia light rays focus behind the retina
astigmatism light rays focus on multible areas of the retina
what is the Snellen chart it consists of the alphabet letters in various combinatins starting at the top with the large E and descending sized letters by line toward the bottom
What is the Jaeger chart checking clear vision is a small card that is held by the patient between 14 and 16 inches from the eye.
What is the Ishihara test? to check color vision
What is a ophthalmoscope? instrument used to view inside patient's eye
What are the divided parts of the ear external ear, middle ear, and the inner ear
What does the external ear include The pinna(auricle) and the external auditory canal
What is the middle ear also called? The tympanic cavity
What does the middle ear inclued? three bones called, malleus(hammer), incus(anvil) and stapes(stirrup) next to the stapes is the oval window that leads to the inner ear
What does the inner ear inclued? fluid-filled sterile space housing the vestibule, the semicircular canals, the round window, and the cochlea. This area is responsible for both hearing and equilibrium
What is the vestibule responsible for? maintaining equilibrium
What is the semicircular canals do? assist the body to adjust to changes in direction. This area can cause dizziness
What is the cochlea do? organ of hearing
What is Cerumen? it is ear wax
What is a myringotomy a surgical incision into the tympanic membrane to remove accumulated fluid caused by infection
What is a FVC? forced virtual capacity, which represents the volume of air that can be exhaled from the lung after the lung is filled
What is FEV? forced expiration volume is the volume of gas forcibly exhaled from the lungs the first second of expiration
What is FEF expiration flow, which is a measure on a volume-time curve
What is PEFR peak expiratory flow rates, help determine the extent of a patient's asthma condition
What is a pulse oximetry it evaluates the amount of oxygen saturation in the blood and shows it in a precent. it can be placed on earlobe, toe, finer, or bridge of the nose.
how many bones are in the appendicular skeleton? 126
how many bones are in the axial skeleton 80
Asthma inflammation and spasm of the smooth muscle of the bronchi brought on by an allergen or emotional upset
bronchitis Inflammation fo the bronchi, caused by viral or bacterial infection with a dry, painful cough, progressing to a productive cough of greenish yellow sputum
emphysema enlargement of the alveoli due to lost elasticity, usually brought on by a long-time irritant
influenza a viral infectin of various strains fo the upper respiratory tract
Laryngitis Hoarseness, cough, aphonia cuased by infections from nose or throat
Nasal polyp a tumor of the nose that can bleed easily
pharyngitis inflammation of the pharynx caused by a bacteria, virus, or an irritant
Pleurisy inflammation of the pleura caused by bacteria or viruses
Pneumonia inflammation of the lungs cuased by bacteria, fungi, viruses, and chemical irritants
Tonsillitis Inflammation of the tonsils usually caused by streptococcus
What is aphasia inability to speak
What is SAC short arm cast
Waht is LAC long arm cast
What is LLC Long and short leg casts
What is peripheral nerve nervers away from spinal cord
How many cranial nerves are there? 12
What does cranial nerve I do? aroma identification
what does cranial nerve II do? visual acuity, visual fields, optic disk
what does cranial nerve III, IV, VI do? extraocular eye muscles
what does cranial nerve V do? sensations of the face, scalp, teeth
what does cranial nerve VII do? facial expressions, taste
what does cranial nerve VIII do? ear, hearing and equilibrium
what does cranial nerve IX and X do? gag reflex, saliva secretion, voice, slowing of heartbeat
What does cranial nerve XI do? neck and shoulder muscle
What does cranial nerve XII do? tongue
Bell's palsy paralysis of seventh cranial nerve caused by an acute inflammation. usually facial paralysis and pain
Epilepsy episodes of seizures caused by changes in electrical brain potentials that result in disturbed brain impulses or function
meningitis inflammation of the membranes of the spinal cord or brain. stiff neck, headache, anorexia and irregular fever
Multiple sclerosis chronic progressive disease characterized by demyelination(destruction of nerve covering) of nerve fibers.
Parkinson's disease a slowly progressive disease, usually occurring in later life, caused by degeneration of brain cells due to lack of dopamine in the brain.
What is measured in peds to frovide valuable info? height(lenght), weight, and head circumference
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