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Roles in the bakery

Chapter 1 Professional Baking (Gisslen) (Ed.6)

chef de cuisine head of the kitchen, executive chef in charge of food production; mostly managerial, may do little or no cooking
cuisiner (stove) run by the cook; chef de cuisine
rotisseur (rotisserie) run by the meat chef (roast chef)
patissier (oven) run by the pastry chef; prepares desserts and pastries
boulanger bread baker prepares yeast goods; includes breakfast items like danish pastries, croissants, and brioche.
poissonier the fish chef
confiseur the confectioner or candy maker
saucier the sauce chef; responsible for sauces and sauteed items
chef garde manger pantry chef
decorateur decorator prepares showpieces, sugar work, and decorated cakes
glacier the ice cream maker makes frozen desserts
sous chef assists the executive chef; directly in charge of cooking during production.
head baker professional in charge of the production in a retail bakery; in charge of the staff
A. Boulanger 1765: began advertising on his shop sign that he served soups, which he called "restaurants" or "restoratives". Challenged the stew guild and won; In challenging the rules of the guilds, Boulanger changed the course of food service history.
Marie-Antoine Careme The most famous chef of the early 19th century. Lived from 1784-1833. Worked for nobility and royalty as a pastry chef. Primarily a chef de cuisine. His many books contains the first systematic account of cooking principles, recipes and menu making.
George-August Escoffier 1847-1935: greatest chef of his time; father of 20th centurty cookery. simplification of the classical menu systematizing of cooking methods reorganization of the kitchen. books and recipes remain important reference for professional chefs.
restaurer to restore (the word restaurant comes from this french word)
meunier the miller
vermicellier the pasta maker
nouvelle cuisine use of simpler more natural flavors and preparations; lighter sauces/seasonings; shorter cooking times. emphasis on artful plating done by the chef in the kitchen (rather than being plated at the table by waiters)beginning of modern plated desserts
fusion cuisine the use of ingredients and techniques from more than one regional cuisine in a single dish. can produce poor results because it is not true to any one culture; becomes too mixed up.
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