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Med Vocb Ch 10

Digestive System

...is the breaking down of sugar glycolysis
the digestive process wherby starch is converted into sugars is amlolysis
...is the breaking down of protein proteolysis
...means resembling fats lipoid
...is an enzyme that breaks down strach amylase
...means pertaining to the mouth and pharynx oropharyngeal
...pertains to the stomach gstric
...pertains to the stomach and intestines gastrointesinal
...means within, by way of, or pertaining to the small intestine enteral
...means pertaining to the large intesine, but it also means spasm in any hollow or tublar soft organ accompanied by pain colic
...is the lower part of the jaw mandible
...is the upper part of the jaw maxilla
...pertains to the palate palatine
...pertains to the gums gingival
...means under the tongue hypoglossal and sublingual
...refers to the tongue an the throat glossopharyngeal
...means between the teeth interdental
...pertains the teeth and the tongue dentilingual
...the tissue that investing and supporting the teeth is... periodontium
...is a branch of dentistry that deals with the dental tooth and mouth conditions of children pedodontics
...is a branch or dentistry that deals with the dental problems of older persons gerodontics
..is the largest salivary glands, that are neart the ears parotid glands
...theses are located beneath the mandible, rather beneath the maxilla, as the name implies submaxillary
...consists of cirucular muscle that constricts a passage or closes a natural opening in the body sphincter
....situated behind the esophagus postesophageal
...the mucosa that lines the stomach is arragnged in temporary folds called.. rugae
...the outer layer of the stomach is serosa
...pertains to the stomach gastric
...pertains to the inside of the stomach endogastric
...means behind the cecum retrocecal
...means either pertaining to an appendage or pertaining to the vermifomr appendix appendicular
...behind the colon retrocolic
...destructive to the liver hepatolytic
...situated or occurring oustside the liver extrahepatic
...pertains to the gallbladder and the stomach cholecystogastric
...is a greater than normal amount of sugar in the blood hyper glycemia
...permits both structural and functional visualization of internal body structures is a fluoroscopy
...is an x-ray image of the esophagus taken while the patient swallows a liquid barium suspension esophagram
...is an examination fo the gallbladder cholecystography
...is radiography of the major bile ducts and is usedful in demonstrating gallstones and tumors cholangiography
...refers to examination of the esophagus and the stomach esophagogastroscopy
What is the instrumnet used to examine the (inside) stomach gastroscope
...the esophagus, stomach, and duodenum are examined esophagogastroduodenoscopy
What is the term of feeling of body weekness, distress, or discomfort malaise
What is the term for an eating disorder that occurs predominantly in females, with onest usually in adolescence or early adulthood bulimia
What is an improper absorption of nutreints into the bloodstream from the instestines malabsorption
What is caused by a greater caloric intake than that needed to meet the metabolic needs of the body exogenous
What term is excessive eating polyphagia
What means difficult eating dysphagia
What term is excessive thirst polydipsia
...inflammation of the mouth stomatitis
...painful mouth stomatodynia
What is an oral disease caused by fungus stomatomycosis
What is inflammation of the lips cheilitis
What term is painful gums gingivalgia
What is any disease of the tongue glossopathy
...is inflammation of the tongue glossitis
...is an abonormal sensation of pain, burning, and stinging of the tongue without apparent lesions or cause glossopyrosis
...is offensive breath resulting from poor oral hygiene, dental or oral infections, use of tobacco, ingetion of certain foods halitosis
What is improper bite, is abnoraml contact of the teeth of the upper jaw ,the maxilla, with the teeth of the lower jaw, the mandible malocclusion
...is abnormal condition that interferes with eating and is believed to be caused by a defective or dislocated temporo/mandibular TMJ pain dysfunction syndrome
...is a precancerous slowing developing change in a mucous membrane characterized by white patches with sharply defined edges that are slightly raised leukoplakia
What is the presence of one or more calculi in a salivary gland sialolithiasis
What is inflammation of a salivary gland, often following conditions associated with a decrease in production of saliva sialadenitis
...is inflammation of the parotid gland parotitis
What is an acute vital infection that is characterized by swelling of the parotid glands and may affect or both glands mumps
Which term is a failure of the two sides of the palate to fuse during development results in cleft palate
What is an abnormal growth of new tissue and can be benign or malignant neoplasam
What is inflammation of the mucosal lining of the esophagus, cuased by infection, backflow of gastric juice from the stomach, or irration from a nasogastric tube esophagitis
...is a morbid softening of the esophagus esophagomalacia
...is a dysfunction that involves a backflow of the contednts of the stomch into the esophagus dastroesophageal reflux disease
..is an abnormal condition is which the lower esophageal sphincter fails to relax properly esophageal achalasia
..is usually a congenital abnormality, is an esophagus that ends in a blind pouch or narrows so much that is obstructs continuous passage of food to the stomach esophageal atresia
What are enlarged and swollen veins at the lower end of the esophagus, which are especially susceptible to hemorrhage esophageal varices
...inflammation of the lining of the stomach gastritis
What occurs in the stomach, duodenum, and occasionally the esophagus peptic ulcers
What is pain of the stomach gastralgia
What is any disease of the stomach gastropathy
...softening of the stomach gastromalacia
...abnormal enlargemnt of the stomach or abdomen gastromegaly
What is cancer of the stomach gastric carcinoma
Which term is narrowing of the ploric sphincter pyloric stenosis
...is abnoraml stretching of the stomach gastrectasis
What is excessive gas in the stomach or intestines flatulence
fungal condition of the mouth stomatomycosis
painful mouth stomatodynia
a purulent inflammation of tissue around the teeth pyorrhea
What is an acute inflammtion of the peritoneum pertionitis
What is acute inflammation of the vermiform appendix appendicitis
means inflammtion of the stomach and intestines gastroenteritis
is an inflammation of the instine, epsecially of the colon that may be caused by bacteria, protozoa, parasites, or chemical irritants dysentery
inflammation of the large intestine colitis
is an abnormal opening near the anus anal fistula
What is a pouchlike herniation throuht the muscular wall of a tubular organ diverticulum
..is a cleft or a groove or a crack like lesion of the skin fissure
What is a painful ulceration or tear at the anal opening anal fissure
...is inflammaiton of the stomach and duodenum gastroduodenitis
noninflammtiory intestinal disorder irritable bowel syndrome
What is an accumulation of hardend feceds in the rectum or sigmoid colon that the individual cannot expel is impaction
What is the removal of a polyp polypectomy
What are bands of scar tissue that bind surfaces that normally are separted adhesions
...is a telesopic folding back of the bowel into itself intussusception
...is a disorder in which one or multiple nutrients are not digested or absorbed malabsorption syndrome
...is a deficiency of fats lipopenia
What is a type of kidney failure that is associated with hepatic failure hepatorenal syndrome
What is inflammation of the liver hepatitis
is a yellow discoloration of the skin, the mucous membranes, and the whites of the eyes caused by greater then normal amounts of bilirubin int he blood jaundice
What is achronic progessive liver disease that is charcterized by degeneration of liver cells will everntual increased reistance to flow fo blood through the liver cirrhosis
any disease of the liver hepatopahty
is enlargement of the liver and spleen hepatosplenomegaly
is stoppage or suppression of the bile flow cholestasis
is inflammtion of a bile vessel or duct cholangitis
What is inflammation of the common bile duct choledochitis
What term is the presence of a calculus in the common bile duct choledocholithiasis
What is inflammtion of the gallbladder, is usually caused by a gallstone cholecystitis
is inflammation of the pancreas pancreatitis
What is one of the most deadly malignancies pancreatic carcinoma
What is the presence of salivary stones, either wihtin the gland itself or in the salivary ducts, may cause few symptoms unless the duct beomes obstructed sialolithiasis
What is the provision of nutrients thrount the GI tract when the patient cannto ingest, chew, or swallow food but can digest and absorb nutrients enteral nutrients
What tube is insered through the nose into the stomach nasogastric tube
What means not through the alimentary tract by through some other route parenteral
is the adminstration of all nutrition through an indwelling catheter into the vena cava or other main vein total parenteral nutrition
What term means excessive nutrition hyperalimentation
What means any surgery performed to reshape of repair the stomach gastroplasty
is excision of the subcutaneous fat lipectomy
removes fat with a suction pump device liposuction
What is creating a new opening between the esophagus and the stomach esophagogastrostomy
What is surgical repair of esophagus and the stomach esophagogastroplasty
...is surgical fixation of the stomach gastropexy
Which term is the suture of the stomach gastrorrhaphy
What is suture of the lip cheilorrahphy
...suture of the tongue glossrrahphy
...to bring close together by suture of other means approximate
...is irrigation of washing out of an organ, such as the stomach or bowel lavage
...may be used to remove any material high in the colon colonic irrigation
is introduction of a solution into the rectum for clensing the rectum of is used as a treatment for constipation enema
What is surgical repair of the lips and mouth cheilostomatoplasty
...is in incision into the muscle of the lower part of the esophagus esophagomyotomy
...is excision of the gums gingivectomy
What is severe acid in the stomach hyperacidity
is incision of certain branches of the vagus nerve to reduce the amount of gastric acid secreted vagotomy
Which term is surgical repair of the pyloric sphincter pyloroplasty
Whcih term is incision of the pylonus pylorotomy
Which term is removal of part of the stomach gastroectomy
What is a connection between two vessels anastomosis
What is the surgical anastomosis of the esophagus to the jejunum esophagojejunostomy
What is formation of an opening through the abdominal wall into the small instine laparoeneterostomy
What is formation of a new opeing between the ceum and the ileum cecoileostomy
What is used to treat diarrhea antidiarrheals
What are used to relive or prevent voimting antiemetics
What is a surgical incision of the liver hepatotomy
...is excision of a lobe of the liver hepatectomy
What is the removal of the pancreas pancreatectomy
...is removal of pancreatic stones pancreato/lith/ectomy
What is nonsurgical management of gallstones and can sometimes be an alternative to cholecystectomy lithotripsy
What is the removal of the gallbladder through a small incision in the abdominal wall, is performed more often than the traditional, open cholecystectomy laparo/scopic cholecystectomy
...incision into the galllbladder through the abdominal wall lapro/cholecysto/tomy
What is the crushing of gallstones in the common bile duct choledocho/litho/tripsy
What is surgical formation of an opening into the common bile duct through the abdominal wall choledocho/stomy
...is surgical formation of a new opening between the common bile duct and the jejunum choledocho/jejuno/stomy
...this term describes one type of ulcer esophageal
...this physician specializes in the branch of medicine that treats disorders of the colon, rectum and anus proctologist
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