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Nervous System

To help you study the nervous system of the human body

Which of the following describes the insulation that surrounds axons and functions to speed up the nerve impulse as it travels through the axon? Myelin sheath
What are the 3 types of neurons? sensory neuron, motor neuron, internueron
Describe denrite Extensions off the cell body that receive signals from other neurons
Describe the medulla oblongata A bulb structure found between the pons and the spinal cord, it contains the nuclei functions for heart rate and respiration.
Which disease is progressive and initially has patients show symptoms of forgetting or not being able to remember recently learned information.? Alzheimers disease
Which 2 body parts of the body make up the central nervous system? brain and spinal cord
Describe encephalitis inflammation of the brain.
Describe frontal lobe. controls the motor functions of humans, controls voluntary muscles and speech.
Describe corpus callosum A wide band of axonal fibers that holds together the middle region of the 2 brain hemispheres
Which part of the brain controls eyesight? occipital
What are the 3 functions of the nervous system? Gather sensory input, integrate information, create movement in the body or activate a gland.
What 3 organs are involved in the nervous system? brain, spinal cord, nerves
Where are the cell bodies located? in the brain or spinal cord
Where are the axons located? outside the brain or spinal cord
What are the 2 major divisions of the nervous system? central nervous system (CNS) and peripheral nervous system (PNS)
Describe the sensory division of the peripheral nervous system. is made of sensory neurons, most of which have receptors that collect information and relay it to the CNS.
Describe the motor division of the peripheral nervous system. is made of motor neurons that get messages in the brain or spinal cord to bring about movement or response from a gland.
The motor division of the peripheral nervous system is divided into which 2 categories? Somatic and autonomic nervous systems
Describe the somatic nervous system. governs most of the movements of your skeletal muscles, including many of your reflexes.
Describe the autonomic nervous system. regulates activities of smooth and cardiac muscles.
The autonomic nervous system is divided into which 2 categories? parasympathetic and sympathetic
Which division of the autonomic nervous system (ANS) is also known as the rest and digest state? parasympathetic
Which division of the autonomic nervous system (ANS) is also known as the fight or flight state? sympathetic
The parasympathetic and sympathetic divisions play a large role in helping the body do what? maintaining homeostasis
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