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Stack #24287

Prefixes and Suffixes

a without or lack of
angi vessel
ante before
brady slow
tracy rapid
chole bile or gall
contra against
dys difficult, faulty or painful
epi upon
extra outward
gluco glucose
hema blood
hypo under or below
hyper increase or above
juxta near, close by or adjoning
lipo fat
mamm breast
mast breast, nipple, mammory gland
medi middle
oligo few, scanty, slight or little
osteo bone
para near, beside, beyond, around, similar or abnormal
phleb vein
pleur side, rib or membrane covering lungs
rhin nose
sanguin blood
sarco fleshy
semi half
sub under, less or beneath
thromb to clump together or clot
troph development or nourishment
syn together
algia pain
ectomy excision or removal
itis inflammation
gram to record
ia referst to, condition, or state of
logy doctrine, theory or science
lysis destruction, breakdown or declining
oma tumor or swelling
pathy disease of a specified part or kind
plasty reconstruction
plegia paralysis
stomy surgical procedure establishing a usually permanent opening
acromial shoulder
Created by: Petit Minou