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What is defined as any unplanned event causing personnel injury, occupational illness, death, material loss or damage, or an explosion of any kind? Mishap
What causes are all the factors that made up the chain of events leading to the primary cause of the mishap? Contributing factors
Between 50 and what percent of mishap investigations conclude that the primary cause of the mishap was human error? 75 %
What refers to the technology involved in helping people physically adjust to their workplace? Ergonomics
What acts as a general anesthetic for those parts of the brain which suppress, control, and inhibit thoughts, feelings, and actions? Alcohol
What term refers to the mixing of two or more drugs? Polydrugs
Intense light reflected in random directions causes what? Glare
What is the process of eliminating mishap-producing causes before a mishap occurs? Mishap prevention
How many methods are used to control the impact of hazards? 3
What is the physical separation of people from contact with a hazard? Isolation
What is the control of potentially hazardous airborne substances through the movement of air? Ventilation
What is the dilution of an airborne substance by mixing it with the surrounding uncontaminated air? General ventilation
What employs special operating procedures to reduce the exposure of personnel to hazards? Administrative control
The use of what is the least preferred method of hazard control? Personal protective equipment (PPE)
Investigations of alleged imminent danger situations are made within how long? 24 hours
What tracks aviation hazard report corrective actions? Naval Safety Center
What can be used to report near mishaps? SAFETYGRAMs
What is an occurrence that, except for proximity or timely action, would have resulted in damage or injury to personnel? Near-mishap
Each identified hazard that cannot be corrected immediately is assigned a what? Risk assessment code (RAC)
What is an assessment of the worst potential consequence that is likely to occur as a result of a deficiency? Hazard severity
What hazard severity category indicates the hazard may cause death or loss of a facility? Category I - Catastrophic
What hazard severity category indicates the hazard may cause severe injury, severe occupational illness, or minor property damage? Category II - Critical
What hazard severity category indicates the hazard may cause minor injury, minor occupational illness, or minor property damage? Category III - Marginal
What hazard severity category indicates the hazard probably would not affect personnel safety or health, but is nevertheless in violation of a NAVOSH standard? Category IV - Negligible
What is the likelihood that a hazard will result in a mishap? Mishap probability
Ashore, civilian, and military hazard correction is documented on what form? OPNAV 5100/12
What is the Hazard Abatement Plan for forces afloat? CSMP
Who has established the NAVOSH Program? Chief of Naval Operations (CNO)
In what year was the first NAVOSH Program Manual, OPNAvINST 5100.23, written, defining the Navy's occupational safety and health standards? 1983
What program addresses the maintenance of safe and healthful conditions in the workplace or in the occupational environments? NAVOSH
What deals with preserving the health of workers on the job? Occupational health
What concerns the prevention of mishaps and injuries that may occur on the job? Occupational safety
What defines safety standards for ships, submarines, and small craft? OPNAVINST 5100.19D
What is a unit used to express sound pressure level? decibel
What is defined as any combination of work, air flow, humidity, air temperature, thermal radiation, or internal body conditions that strains the body? Heat stress
Taking noise measurements is part of the base-line or how many month Industrial Hygiene Survey aboard ship? 18 month
Ashore, noise measurements are taken according to the workplace monitoring plan, and records are maintained for how many years? 40 years
The work areas where the sound level, continuous or intermittent, is routinely greater than 84 dB(A) or where the peak sound pressure level, caused by impulse or impact noise, routinely exceeds what dB are considered hazardous noise areas? 140 dB(A)
Personnel working in designated hazardous noise areas or operating noise-hazardous equipment must wear combination of both the insert type and circumaural muff type of hearing-protective devices in all areas where noise levels exceed how many dB? 104 dB(A)
Each hearing-protective device is tested and assigned what? NRR
What manages the overall program for hazardous material control and management for the navy? Naval Supply Systems Command
What are technical bulletins containing information about hazardous material? Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)
What is a computerized database of Material Data Safety Sheets? Hazardous Material Information System (HMIS)
The HMIS database provides useful information on more than how many hazardous materials use by the DOD? 70,000
What provides the handler, shipper, and user of a hazardous material with critical information? Labeling
The Navy considers any person found to have vision in one eye of what or worse to be visually impaired? 20/200
A warning sign and how many inch yellow and black striping or checkerboard markings on the deck identifying eye-hazardous areas? 3 in
In no instance should a person have to travel more than 100 feet or take more than how many seconds to get to the eyewash unit? 10 sec
What is energy transmitted through space in the form of electromagnetic waves (rays) or nuclear particles? Radiation
Alpha particles, beta particles, and neutrons are what types of particles? Nuclear
Radiation with enough energy to strip electrons from atoms in the media through which it passes is known as what type of radiation? Ionizing
How many types of air contamination may we be exposed to? 6
Fumes are very small particles (what size or less) formed by the condensation of volatilized solids, usually metals? 1 micrometer
What is a material that under normal conditions of temperature and pressure tends to occupy the entire space uniformly? Gas
What is the gaseous state of a substance that is normally a liquid at room temperature? Vapor
What type of respirator provides breathing air independent of the environment? supplied-air
What provides protection in oxygen deficient environments or other environments dangerous to life or health? SCBA
Personnel must wear parachute-type safety harnesses with what type of safety lanyards when climbing, working aloft, or working over the side? dyna-brake
All personnel, when reporting aboard and how often thereafter, receive indoctrination on basic electrical safety? Annually
Aboard ship, a gas free certificate is good for a maximum of what time frame? 8 hours
What is not authorized to inspect military workers or ships for safety, but is authorized to inspect civilian work sites aboard ship? OSHA
Ashore, the marine chemist performs gas free services as outlined in what instruction. OPNAVINST 5100.23F
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