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Kellerman EO 2-10

beautiful bela
bird birdo
white blanka
good bona
shines, is shining brilas
horse ĉevalo
sleeps, is sleeping dormas
yellow flava
flower floro
flies, is flying flugas
strong forta
large granda
and kaj
sings, is singing kantas
boy Knabo
runs, is running kuras
the la
moon luno
walks, is walking marŝas
apple pomo
sun suno
table tablo
violet violo
man viro
high, tall alta
tree arbo
room ĉambro
house domo
in en
is, are estas
leaf folio
fresh freŝa
garden ĝardeno
field kampo
lie, lies, is lying kuŝas
long longa
rose rozo
red ruĝa
chair seĝo
sit, sits, is sitting sidas
on sur
seem, seems ŝajnas
green verda
near, in the vicinity of apud
bench benko
branch branĉo
various diversa
happy feliĉa
fruit frukto
have, has havas
grass herbo
ili they
gather, collect kolektas
color koloro
wide, broad larĝa
eat, eats manĝas
soft mola
black nigra
no, not ne
break, breaks rompas
but sed
find, finds trovas
see, sees vidas
brown bruna
cherry ĉerizo
whether, makes a question ĉu
sweet dolĉa
taste gusto
it ĝi
girl knabino
ripe matura
neither, nor nek
peach persiko
yes jes
to prefer preferi
to like ŝati
to wish voli
to, towards al
or aÅ­
either...or... aÅ­...aÅ­...
because ĉar
to give doni
to fall fali
window fenestro
today hodiaÅ­
to sew kudri
to shake skui
to stand stari
under, beneath sub
woman virino
pleasant, agreeable agrabla
picture bildo
blue blua
to thank danki
from de
to say diri
child infano
interesting interesa
light (not dark) luma
wall muro
now nun
floor planko
door pordo
to look (at) rigardi
carpet tapiŝo
through tra
to amuse amuzi
before, in front of antaÅ­
to belong aparteni
gray griza
to go iri
to hide, to conceal kaŝi
to begin komenci
to praise laÅ­di
to read legi
book libro
to lose perdi
small box or case skatolo
street strato
himself, herself, itself si
a saying, remark diro
as a far as, up to, down to ĝis
yesterday hieraÅ­
young juna
to catch, to seize kapti
cat kato
angry kolera
to wash lavi
meal manĝo
nest nesto
sparrow pasero
father patro
after, behind post
to surprise surprizi
to hold, to keep teni
face vizaĝo
arab arabo
soon baldaÅ­
brother frato
camel kamelo
head kapo
neck kolo
body korpo
to put, to place meti
nose nazo
only, merely nur
to push puŝi
across trans
whole, entire, all tuta
city urbo
warm varma
Created by: GlassMeerkat