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Squid Anatomy

Parts and Definations and facts of Squid

What is an invertebrate? animal without a backbone
What is the biggest squid? A Giant Squid (or Architeuthis)
What prey on squid? Sharks, other fish, some whales, other squid, and people
Where are the eyes located and what are they used for? The eyes are om the side of their head giving them 180 degress vision on each side, can see items behind it
What are Chromatophores? cells that provide pigment and allow color change by expanding and contracting
What are Photophores? cells that light up in their skin which give off light attract prey, locate a mate, illuminate the way, or conduse enemies
What is an ink sac used for? used to squirt out a cloud of ink, this allows for protection from predators
What is the Dorsal? back side
What is the anterior? In front
What is the ventral? Belly side
What is the posterior? In the back
What is the kingdom, phylum and Class for squids? Kingdom: AnimaliaPhylum: MolluscaClass:Cephalopoda
Charatirisics of Cephalopods Closed circulatory system, predators and highly developed nervous system
Created by: BellaLove