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Digitalis Foxglove plant;chewed to strengthen & slow heart; adm, via pills, IV, injections
Quinine Bark of Cinchona tree; fever & muscle spasms; treats Malaria
Belladonna & Atropine Poisonous Nightshade plant; muscle spasms (esp. gastrointestinal)
Morphine Opium Poppy; severe pain relief
Ancient Times Prevention of injury/disease, caused-Supernatural powers, herbs/plants
Egyptian Times Priests=Docs, temples=worship, med schools, magicians also healers,caused-demons, embalming, strong antiseptics prevent decay, gauze, earliest health records, identified certain diseases, Pharaohs kept specialists
Greek Med 1st 2 study disease, research helped eliminate superstitions, sanitary practices associated w/spread of
Roman Med Leaned from Greeks &developed sanitary system (aqueducts, sewer), beginning of public health
Dark & Middle Ages Medicine practiced only in convents, custodial service, life & death=Gods hands
Terrible Plagues Bubonic (Black Death), small pox, diphtheria, syphilis, measles, typhoid fever, tuberculosis :: Crusaders spread disease cities more common, special officers to deal with sanitary problems, quarantine laws passed
Renaissance Med Universities & med schools 4 research, dissection, books published
Patient Historical Passive, accepted treatment w/out question
Worker Historical Society respected them, high status
Industry Historical HC needs met by specific person, treatments sometimes harmful, most helpful=plants&herbs, plagues&epidemics caused millions deaths now preventable Current-focus on disease caused by environment, heredity, AID and TB are communicable&still in focus
Industry Current Focus on disease caused by environment, heredity, AID and TB are communicable&still in focus
Worker Current Strong academics, saving trauma victims created new job opps, need license, certifications, advanced skills
Worker Future Must be Flexible adaptable & multi-skilled
Patient Current Consumer of HC, more control, informed consent, Bill pf Rights
Patient Future Older & sicker, assume responsibility 4 care, aware of how lifestyle affects HC
Industry Future emphasize wellness&prevention not cure, tech will provide replacements of body parts, elderly care (LTCF), multi-skilled workers
Created by: Carfta091
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