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Cooking Terms

Cooking Terms and definitions

Dice To cut into very small cubes.
Broil To cook over, under, or in front of hot coals or a gas or electric burner, or other form of direct heat.
Fold in To mix ingredients by gently turning one part over another with a spatula.
Grate To finely divide food in various sizes by rubbing it on a grater with sharp projections.
Beat To make mixture smooth by lifting it over and over quickly with a big beating stroke or to incorporate air through the mixture.
Cream To beat sugar and fat together until fluffy.
Cook To prepare food by applying heat in any form.
Garnish To ornament food - usually with another colorful food - before serving to add eye appeal.
Blend To mix two or more ingredients together until well combined.
Peel To remove or strip off the skin or rind of some fruits and vegetables.
Mince To cut or chop food as finely as possible.
Bake To cook by dry heat, usually in an oven.
Flour To sprinkle or coat with a powdered substance, usually with crumbs or seasonings.
Knead To work dough with the "heel" of the hands, using a pressing motion, accompanied by folding and stretching until smooth and elastic.
Boil To cook in water or liquid in which bubbles rise continually and break on surface.
Cut in To cut fat into flour with two knives or a pastry blender, until it is distributed in small particles throughout the mixture.
Brush To coat food with butter, margarine, or egg - using a small brush.
Brown To bake, fry, or toast a food until the surface is brown.
Barbecue To roast meat slowly on a spit rack or rack over heat - basting frequently with a seasoned sauce.
Chop To cut into small pieces.
Simmer To cook below the boiling point, bubbles from slowly and break on the surface.
Whip To beat rapidly to introduce air bubbles into food. Applied to cream eggs and gelatin.
Stir To mix by using circular motion, going around and around until blended.
Steam Too cook in the steam generated by boiling water.
Roll To flatten to a desired thickness by using a rolling pin
Saute To cook in a small amount of fat.
Season To add salt, pepper, or other substances to food to enhance the flavor.
Toss To mix ingredients lightly without mashing or crushing them.
Created by: Natalie Aguirre