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WW II Vocabulary

WW II Vocabulary Words

Adolf Hitler German dictator that controlled Germany from 1933 to 1945. He tried to kill all the Jewish people in Europe.
New Deal A series of programs that helped the US out of the great depression. It was set up by Franklin Delanor Rosevelt
Kellogg-Briand Act An act that was singed by 15 nations that tried to outlaw war after WW I
Nazi Party National Socialist German Workers Party ruled Germany from 1933 to 1945 under Adolf Hitler.
Luftwaffe The German Air Force founded in 1935.
Overproduction Making too much of a product. Flooding the market place with a product and driving down the price.
Maginot Line A line of concrete fortifications and obstacles with weapons built by the French in WW II.
Tariffs A tax on a product or goods coming into of leaving a country.
Benito Mussolini The ruler that lead Italy from 1922-1943. Her worked with Hitler.
Axis Powers These countries joined together to form a group to fight the allied forces in WW II. It was Germany, Japan and Italy.
Dictartorship A country that is ruled only by one person or a small group of people and they have all the power and control.
Social Darwinsm Is where a group of people act on the thought that they are better than other groups of people. Like Hitler trying to kill all the Jewish people.
Inflation The increasing of prices of products and services do to several economic factors.
Nuremberg Laws Laws that formed in 1935 in Nuremberg Germany that set up many of Nazi radical laws and racial theories.
Kristallnacht November 9th, 1938 a night when Nizi Germans destroyed many Jewish synagogues and thousands were taken to concentration camps and then killed.
Allied Powers WW II countries that joined together to destroy the Axis of Evil. The countries were the US, Britain, France, USSR Austria and several others.
Demilitarized When countries signed treaties to end wars and not fight any more. They set boarders of safety.
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