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Health Midterm

Know reproductive organs & their functions
Know my plate components &serving sizes (food examples)
Know definitions of alcohol key terms
What has been an older persons disease how is now a younger persons generations
Sperm- Produced in the tubules of the testes
Testes- Are protected by the sac called the scortum
Epididymis- Sperm are stored in a large outer tube on the outer surface of each testicle called the epididymis
Vas deferens- A tube that carries the sperm to the penis
Penis- External male reproductive organ
Seminal vesicle- The sperm is nourished by a sugary fluid from the seminal vesicle
Prostate- A chemical fluid from the prostate and fluid from the cowper's gland these fluids combine to form semen
Cowper's gland- Two small glands located near the bladder and when the cowper's gland fluid mixes with the prostate fluid it creates semen
Semen- Formed from fluid from the prostate and cowper's gland
Orgasm- During, semen is ejaculated
Erection- Must be reached before orgasm is possible and this is when the penis becomes engorged with blood causing it to be stiff and hard
Urethra- The tube that carries semen and urine from the bladder out of the body
Nocturnal Emissions- When a man has uncontrolled ejaculations during sleep
Egg cells- Are produced in two almond shaped organs known as the ovaries
Ovaries- Two almond shaped organs that produce egg cells
Ovulation- Is the process where the mature egg (ovum) is released and enters one of the two fallopian tubes
Fallopian Tubes- Where the eggs travel from the ovaries to the uterus
Uterus- The lining of this pear shaped organ thickens in preparation for a fertilized egg and if the egg is not fertilized it will leave the body with a small amount of blood called Menstruation
Menstruation- The process where a small amount of blood is released when the uterine lining leaves the body
Cervix- Lower portion of the uterus
Created by: carrienb