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Advancement Exam

Navy BMR

Who established the Navy Sponsorship Program? CNO
What NAVREG prohibits a relationship that is unduly familiar, does not respect differences in rank, and is prejudicial to good order and discipline? Article 1165
Who issues Navy Regulations changes after approved by the President? SECNAV
Who ensures Navy Regulations conform to the current needs to DON? CNO
What NAVREG article governs duty exchanges? Article 1134
What NAVREG article governs Leave and Liberty? Article 1157
What year did the UCMJ become effective? 1951
What UCMJ article explains a service members rights to not provide evidence against themselves (self incrimination) Article 31
What UCMJ article ensures everyone is free to fulfill their functions without fear of reprisal? Article 37
Which UCMJ article prohibits cruel and unusual punishment? Article 55
What are the UCMJ punitive articles? Article 77-134
What article covers missing ships movement? Article 87
What article covers drunk on duty? Article 112
What UCMJ article allows for punishable acts or omissions not specifically mentioned in other articles? Article 134
What international flag means man overboard? OSCAR
What international flag means General recall, all personnel return to the ship? PAPA
What is the Ensign normally flown from while underway? Gaff
What year did the president establish an official flag for the US Navy? 1959
Which flag is regarded as an international guarantee of amnesty from attack? Red Cross
Who is the father of our highest Naval traditions? John Paul Jones
What year was the navy disbanded? 1785
What year was the DON established? 1798
Within how many yards from the ship must boats pass to be considered "close abroad" 400 yards
When two ships are passing how many yards are required for honors to be given? What about for boats? 600 / 400
What is the size of the neckerchief square? 36"
What pay grade are all warrant officers commissioned as? W-2
What is the maximum length permitted for mens hair? 4 inches
How many types of discharges are there from the Naval Service 5
Created by: Sam2121
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