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Medical Terminology

Principles of Health Science 2016 - 2017 Project

Medical TermDefinition
Anaum Rizvi 6th Period January 17, 2017 Principles of Health Science
1. Seb(Word Root) Sebaceous Glands
2. Cutane, dermat, derm(Word Root) Skin
3. Hidr(Word Root) Sweat glands
4. Pil(Word Root) Hair
5. Oste, oss, ost(Word Root) Bones
6. Chond(Word Root) Cartilage
7. Arthr(Word Root) Joints
8. Ligament(Word Root) Ligaments
9. Myel(Word Root) Bone marrow
10. Fasci(Word Root) Fascia
11. My(Word Root) Muscles
12. Ten, tend, tendin(Word Root) Tendons
13. Encephal(Word Root) Brain
14. Acoust, ot(Word Root) Ears
15. Ocul, opthalm(Word Root) Eyes
16. Neur(Word Root) Nerves
17. Myel(Word Root) Spinal cord
18. Arteri(Word Root) Arteries
19. Hem, hemat(Word Root) Blood
20. Card, cardi(Word Root) Heart
21. Phleb, ven(Word Root) Veins
22. Capill(Word Root) Capillaries
23. Lymph(Word Root) Lymph
24. Splen(Word Root) Spleen
25. Thym(Word Root) Thymus
26. Tonsill(Word Root) Tonsils
27. Laryng(Word Root) Larynx
28. Pneum,pneumon(Word Root) Lungs
29. Nas(Word Root) Nose
30. Pharyng(Word Root) Pharynx
31. Trache(Word Root) Trachea
32. Sinus(Word Root) Sinuses
33. Esophag(Word Root) Esophagus
34. Col(Word Root) Large intestine
35. Hepat(Word Root) Liver
36. Or(Word Root) Mouth
37. Pancreat(Word Root) Pancreas
38. Enter(Word Root) Intestine
39. Gastr(Word Root) Stomach
40. Nephr, ren(Word Root) Kidneys
41. Ureter(Word Root) Ureters
42. Urethr(Word Root) Urethra
43. Cyst, vesic(Word Root) Urinary bladder
44. Adren(Word Root) Adrenals
45. Gonad(Word Root) Gonads
46. Pancreat(Word Root) Pancreas
47. Parathyroid(Word Root) Parathyroids
48. Pineal(Word Root) Pineal
49. Pituit(Word Root) Pituitary
50. Thym(Word Root) Thymus
51. Thyroid(Word Root) Thyroid
52. Orch, orchid, test, testicul(Word Root) Testicles
53. Oophor, ovari(Word Root) Ovaries
54. Hyster, metr, metri, uter(Word Root) Uterus
1. -al(Suffix) Pertaining to
2. -ase(Suffix) Enzyme
3. -blast(Suffix) Budding
4. -centesis(Suffix) Surgical puncture
5. -cidal(Suffix) Causing death
6. -clast(Suffix) Broken
7. -crit(Suffix) To separate
8. -cyte(Suffix) Cell
9. -ectomy(Suffix) Excision or surgical removal
10. -emia(Suffix) Blood condition
11. -emesis(Suffix) Vomitting
12. -gen, -genesis, -genic(Suffix) Producing
13. -glia(Suffix) Glue
14. -gram(Suffix) Something written
15. -ia(Suffix) Condition of, diseased or abnormal state
16. -iac, -ic, -ior(Suffix) Pertaining to
17. -ism(Suffix) State of
18. -itia, itis(Suffix) Inflammation
19. -logy(Suffix) Study of
20. -lyte(Suffix) Dissolvable
21. -lytic(Suffix) Destroy, reduce
22. -mania(Suffix) Madness or insane desire
23. -megaly(Suffix) Enlargement
24. -meter(Suffix) Instrument used to desire
25. -odia(Suffix) Smell
26. -ologist(Suffix) One who studies and practices
27. -oma(Suffix) Tumor or swelling
28. -opia(Suffix) Vision
29. -opsy(Suffix) To view
30. -orrhea(Suffix) Flow, excessive discharge
31. -orrhexis(Suffix) Rupture
32. -osis(Suffix) Abnormal increase in production
33. -ostomy(Suffix) Creation of an artifical opening
34. -otomy(Suffix) Cut into or incision
35. -oxia(Suffix) Oxygen
36. -pathy(Suffix) Disease
37. -sclerosis(Suffix) Hardening
38. -scope(Suffix) Instrument used for visual examination
39. -scopy(Suffix) Visual examination
40. -sepsis(Suffix) Infection
41. -spasm(Suffix) Sudden involuntary muscle contraction
42. -stasis(Suffix) Control or stop
43. -tomy(Suffix) Cutting
44. -tropic(Suffix) Influencing
1. A-, an-(Prefix) Without or absence of
2. Ab-(Prefix) From or away
3. Ad-(Prefix) To or towards
4. Ana-(Prefix) Up
5. Ante-(Prefix) Before
6. Anti-(Prefix) Against
7. Append-(Prefix) To hang something
8. Bi-, bin-(Prefix) Two
9. Brady-(Prefix) Slow
10. Contra-(Prefix) Against
11. Di-(Prefix) Two
12. Dis-(Prefix) To undo, free from
13. Ecto-, exo-, extra-(Prefix) Outside
14. Endo-(Prefix) Within
15. Epi-(Prefix) Upon
16. Erythr-(Prefix) Red
17. Glyc-(Prefix) Sweet
18. Hyper-(Prefix) Over
19. Hypo-(Prefix) Under
20. Im-(Prefix) Not
21. Infra-(Prefix) Beneath, below
22. Inter-(Prefix) Between
23. Intra-(Prefix) Inside
24. Iso-(Prefix) Equal
25. Macro-(Prefix) Large
26. Mal-(Prefix) Bad
27.Meso-(Prefix) Middle
28. Meta-(Prefix) After
29. Micro-(Prefix) Small
30. Mono-(Prefix) One
31. Multi-(Prefix) Many
32. Mut-(Prefix) Change
33. Neo-(Prefix) New
34. Para-(Prefix) Beside
35. Patho-(Prefix) Disease
36. Peri-(Prefix) Surrounding
37. Poly-(Prefix) Many
38. Post-(Prefix) After
39. Pre-(Prefix) Before
40. Pseudo-(Prefix) False
41. Re-(Prefix) Back, again
42. Retro-(Prefix) Backward or again
43. Semi-(Prefix) Half
44. Sub-(Prefix) Under or below
45. Super-(Prefix) Beyond, excess
46. Syn-(Prefix) Together or joined
47. Tachy-(Prefix) Fast
48. Tetra-(Prefix) Four
49. Trans-(Prefix) Through, across, beyond
50. Tri-(Prefix) Three
51. Ultra-(Prefix) Over or above
52. Uni-(Prefix) One
1. AA(Abbreviation) Alcoholics anonymous
2. a.c.(Abbreviation) Before meals
3. AD, a.d.(Abbreviation) Right ear
4. ad lib(Abbreviation) Freely, as often as desired
5. am, AM(Abbreviation) Morning
6. AS, a.s.(Abbreviation) Left ear
7. AU, a.u.(Abbreviation) Each ear
8. BE(Abbreviation) Barium enema
9. BID, b.i.d., bid(Abbreviation) Twice a day
10. BP(Abbreviation) Blood pressure
11. BR(Abbreviation) Bedrest
12. BRP(Abbreviation) Bathroom privileges
13. BM(Abbreviation) Bowel movement
14. Bx(Abbreviation) Biopsy
15. c(Abbreviation) With
16. CA, Ca(Abbreviation) Carcinoma (cancer)
17. cap.(Abbreviation) Capsule
18. disc, DC, d.c.(Abbreviation) Discontinue
19. DNR(Abbreviation) Do not resusciate
20. Dx, dx(Abbreviation) Diagnosis
21. ED(Abbreviation) Emergency department
22. ER(Abbreviation) Emergency room
23. Fx, fx(Abbreviation) Fracture
24. g, gm(Abbreviation) Gram
25. gt, gtt(Abbreviation) Drop, drops
26. h(Abbreviation) Hour
27. h.s.(Abbreviation) Hour of sleep (bedtime)
28. Ht., ht(Abbreviation) Height
29. inj.(Abbreviation) Injection
30. I and O, I/O(Abbreviation) Intake and output
31. IV(Abbreviation) Intravenous
32. K+, K(Abbreviation) Potassium
33. mg(Abbreviation) Milligram
34. N&V(Abbreviation) Nausea and vomiting
35. Na, Na+(Abbreviation) Sodium
36. NC(Abbreviation) Nasal cannula
37. NPO(Abbreviation) Nothing by mouth
38. NPO p MN(Abbreviation) Nothing by mouth past bedtime
39. oint., ung.(Abbreviation) Ointment
40. OOB(Abbreviation) Out of bed
41. OTC(Abbreviation) Over the counter
42. oz.(Abbreviation) Ounce
43. P(Abbreviation) Pulse
44. p.c.(Abbreviation) After meals
45. pH(Abbreviation) Power of hydrogen concentration
46. PM, p.m.(Abbreviation) Afternoon
47. PO, po, p.o.(Abbreviation) By mouth
48. PRN(Abbreviation) As needed
49. Every morning
50. q.h.(Abbreviation) Every hour
51. q.i.d.(Abbreviation) Four times a day
52. QNS(Abbreviation) Quantity not sufficient
53. q.s.(Abbreviation) Quantitiy sufficient
54. r, R(Abbreviation) Rectal
55. Rx(Abbreviation) Prescription
56. s(Abbreviation) Without
57. SOB(Abbreviation) Shortness of breath
58. ss(Abbreviation) One half
59. stat(Abbreviation) Immediately
60. syr.(Abbreviation) Syrup
61. susp.(Abbreviation) Suspension
62. sup. supp.(Abbreviation) Suppository
63. T(Abbreviation) Temperature
64. tab.(Abbreviation) Tablet
65. tbsp.(Abbreviation) Tablespoon
66. TID, t.i.d(Abbreviation) Three times a day
67. TPR(Abbreviation) Temperature, pulse, and respirations
68. tsp.(Abbreviation) Teaspoon
69. Tx(Abbreviation) Treatment
70. VS(Abbreviation) Vital signs
71. W/C, w/c(Abbreviation) Wheelchair
Created by: anaumie4101
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