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Advancement Exam

4790.2 Chap 7

What are provided for certain maintenance tasks that, if improperly performed, could cause equipment failure or jeopardize the safety of personnel? QA MRCs
What provides a central source of up-to-date information for the use of all personnel in the performance of their work, and it si an excellent source of reference information to facilitate personnel training and individual improvement? CTPL
What central repository is the authoritative source for CTPL to validate the most current copies of technical manuals and associated records maintained in individual command ELMS accounts? TMAPS
What aid the planning and accomplishment of scheduled maintenance and unscheduled maintenance tasks during inspections? Sequence Control Card (SCC)
The purpose of the what is to systematically evaluate nonconforming material in order to achieve material recovery and savings? Material Review Board (MRB)
What assigns a FAD to all activities in the Navy establishment for determining priorities for material support? UMMIPS (Uniform Material Movement and Issue Priority System)
Instructions for using the material priority system and assigning FADs are published in what instruction and implemented by Fleet Commander and ACC/TYCOM instructions? OPNAVINST 4614.1
What system is the authorized medium for directing the accomplishment and recording of modifications and one-time inspections of equipment? TDSA (TD Status Accounting)
What is a detailed statement of an I-Level repair facility's component repair capability? ICRL (Individual Component Repair List)
What is the process by which TDs are removed from active files after all requirements have been completely accomplished? Rescision
What serve as an orderly method of identifying, investigating, and correcting deficiencies on a scheduled and unscheduled basis? Audits
Who is responsible for processing HMRs, EIs, and HMR/EIs for assigned material? ISSC
Every effort shall be made to complete resolution and issue corrective action within how long of receipt of CAT I TPDRs? 30 Days
What is the only authorized medium for directing the modification or the accomplishment of one-time inspections of naval aircraft and is associated per NAVAIRINST 5215.12 TD Compliance Program
Who are authorized to prepare and issue bulletins, changes, interim changes, and RAMECs, except those which restrict flight operations? ISSCs
What system provides on-line configuration status accounting for naval aircraft, engines, SE, maintenance trainers, and serial numbered weapon system components? TD status accounting (TDSA)
Copies of TD summaries shall be annotated and maintained on file by each activity for a period of how long? 6 months
All TD shall be prepared and processed by the ISSC or PMA per what requirements? NA 00-25-300
When a TD is to be issued in parts, the first or basic issuance of the TD will always be what, even though it will not be identified as such in the TD number? Part 1
What is the TD category assigned when unsafe conditions exists which, if uncorrected, could result in fatal or serious injury to personnel or such conditions embody risks which are calculated to be unacceptable? Immediate Action
What TD category is assigned when potential hazards could result in personal injury or damage to valuable property or unacceptable reductions which if not corrected would compromise safety that embody risks that are acceptable within defined time/limits Urgent Action
What TD category will be assigned when the urgency of the situation does not warrant Immediate or Urgent but the assignment of Record Purposes would be inappropriate? Routine
What TD category is assigned to Formal Change TDs issued to document configuration changes that have been incorporated in all affected equipment by the change designer/originator before the TD is issued? Record Purpose
Record Purpose category can only be assigned to Formal Change TDs and when the incorporated change in all affected systems is within how many months or less? 12
What is a TD which direct a one-time inspection to determine if a given condition exists and specifies what action shall be taken if the condition is found? Bulletin
What is the primary COMNAVAIRSYSCOM document for implementing a configuration change? Formal Change TD
The concept of what program is fleet self help? RAMEC (Rapid Action Minor Engineering Change)
What is an engineering process by which the originator accomplishes all tasks required by a proposed change to ensure the modified items function as intended? Validation
What is the process for determining the accuracy and adequacy of a proposed TD and reporting results to the preparing activity? Verification
The NALCOMIS functional sponsor is whom? CNO
Who has overall responsibility for maintaining the accuracy of NALCOMIS OMA databases? DBA
What is essential to perform specific missions and achieve required material conditions readiness, maintenance standards, supply system effectiveness, and safety requirements of OPNAVINST 3710.7 MESM (Mission Essential Subsystems Matrix)
Created by: Sam2121
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