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Unit VI Part 2

Congress of Vienna -Union of Prussia, Russia, Austria, and England -Re-established France as Monarchy -Led by Klemens von Metternich
Klemens von Mettenrich -Foreign minister of Austria, Leader of Congress of Vienna -Guided by Principle of Legitimacy -Supa Cocky
'legitimacy" -Idea used by Metternich in the Congress of Vienna -Stated that original Monarchical families should be returned to rule
balance of power -The alliance between England, Prussia, Russia, and Austria -Believed they kept things equal through Congress of Vienna -Thought that they could prevent another "crazy group" from rising up, like France -The idea of trying to keep powers even and knock down whoever dominates
Edmund Burke and conservatism -Said that revolutions were bad, and only gradual change was good -Believed in submission to the government -said the goal of government should be to fight for the people of the past, present, and future.
Joseph de Maistre and conservitism -Believed the best form of conservatism was absolutist, hereditary monarchy. -said it was the only stable way to rule
Concert of Europe -Group of countries, started by the quadruple alliance that would periodically met -Principle of Intervention-they would interfere with a country in revolution to restore its monarch
the congress system
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