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Chapter 4 - SS

proslavery favoring slavery
jayhawker free soil
border ruffian missourians who crossed the kansas border to influence the outcome of the slavery issue
bush wacker missourians who raided anti slavery settllements in kansas
anti slavery against slavery
david rice atchison 19th century Senator from Missouri
john brown an american abolitionist who killed 5 slave owners
samuel jones progressive era mayor for Toledo Ohio
hi bye
andrew reeder first governor in the territory of kansas
charles robinson led a group to Kansas from Massachusetts
harriet beecher stowe american abolitionist
henry ward beecher supporter of the abolish of slavery
stephen a douglas designer of the Kansas-Nebraska act
dred scott enslaved African american
abraham lincoln our 16th president
popular sovereignty when the people chose the settlements
the under ground rail road was a place to help the slaves escape
census a population of different things and statistics about our life
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