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Advancement Exam

4790.2 Chap 2, 3, & 5

What shall direct formulation and administration of fiscal and budgetary policies? ACC/TYCOM
The Safe For Flight Operations Certification is per what instruction? NAVAIRINST 3700.4
TYCOMs shall organize what to conduct AMIs for all aviation maintenance activities? AMMTs Aviation Maintenance Management Team
What is NAVRIIP? Naval Aviation Readiness Integrated Improvement Program
What is AMRR? Aircraft Material Readiness Report
Aviation units that deploy or permanently forward deployed units, shall receive an AMI at a 24 month interval not to exceed how many months? What about for non deployable? 30. Non Deployable is every 30 months not to exceed 36 months.
NAMP programs evaluated to be Off Track or NMA will require a follow up inspection by the wing within how many days? 90
What is a detailed inspection of aircraft, ALSS, MMF, AAE, AWSE, and SE? MCI
How many weeks prior to the TYCOM AMI should the activity submit a self assessment report? 2 weeks
The NAMP is founded upon what concept? Three level maintenance
What are the two types of aircraft maintenance? Rework and Upkeep
What is the NOMP instruction? OPNAVINST 8000.16
SE is categorized as what two types? Common and Peculiar SE
The ACSP (A/C Confined Space Program) is managed per what NAVAIR instruction? 01-1A-35
What authorizes maintenance procedures performed under combat conditions? ABDR (A/C Battle Damage Repair)
What shall develop required O and I level SE maintenance training courses for user activities as approved by the CNO? CNET
An IMRL is extracted from what? SERMIS (SE Record Management Information System)
What maintains inventory, utilization, and readiness data for SE and IMRL items? LAMS (Local Asset Management System)
What form is the SE transaction form used by IMRL activities? CNAF 4790/64
What has the management responsibility for the CM program? COMNAVAIRSYSCOM
What will be the governing and primary screening tool for the TD compliance of all aircraft and aircraft engines? NAVAIR 00-500C
What program is used for recording all TDs requiring logbook/records or CM ALS records update? TDSA (TD Status Accounting Program)
At any given time, what two lists will reflect the TD status of aircraft? List No. 2 and 4
Appropriate flight clearances are obtained from COMNAVAIRSYSCOM per what instruction? OPNAVINST 3710.7
W&B personnel shall weigh aircraft per what, and the weighing instructions in Chart E for the specific T/M/S aircraft? NAVAIR 01-1A-50
W&B personnel shall maintain a record of basic weight, moment at time of weighing, and at time of delivery for all aircraft for how long? 5 years
What is a disciplined logic which establishes required failure management strategies (reliability of equipment with least expenditure of resources). RCM (Reliability Centered Maintenance)
What is rework of repairable components performed by one service for another? Interservice support
What is intended to ensure proper flight introduction of new or modified ALSS? FAILSAFE (Fleet Air Introduction Liaison Survival Aircrew Flight Equipment) Program
GFE will usually have a WUC of what or higher? 51000
What is a relocatable tactical shelter? Mobile Facility (MF)
Materials beyond the repair capability of the IMA, including the manufacture of parts, shall be referred to the what for further action? ASD (Aviation Support Division)
What established a process to evaluate the material condition of fleet aircraft? ASPA (Aircraft Service Period Adjustment)
What instruction requires an ASPA evaluation between 6 months prior to or 3 months after PED (Period End Date) of each ASPA aircraft to determine its general material condition relative to established induction criteria? OPNAVINST 3110.11
As a general guideline no more than how many months should elapse between the ASPA inspection and the resulting adjusted PED? 18 months
OPNAVINST 3110.11 requires rework induction not later than how many days after the current PED when the ASPA evaluation determines the aircraft general material condition satisfies rework induction criteria? 90
What program includes aircraft conversion, service life extension, update, expansion or change of mission capability, and improvement of combat capability? Conversion in Lieu of Procurement Program
What program includes incorporation of D-Level technical directives, inspection of aircraft for corrosion damage and repair as required, and evaluation of the material condition of the aircraft paint system? Modification, Corrosion, and Paint Program (MCAPP)
What program is the removal of installed equipment from stricken or damaged aircraft or engine prior to disposal? RILOP (Reclamation in Lieu of Procurement)
What program is the restoration or replacement of primary aircraft structures that have reached fatigue life limits? SLEP (Service Life Extension Program)
What program provides for accurate fatigue life tracking or individual aircraft component service life limits specified as fatigue indexes rather than flight hour limits? SAFE (Structural Appraisal of Fatigue Effects)
SAFE Program reports are published how often by COMNAVAIRSYSCOM? Quarterly
What program provides policy and assigns responsibilities to assure continuing structural safety of fixed and rotary wing aircraft throughout their assigned service life? Structural Life Limits
Aircraft and components having life limits with reoccurring inspections (by BUNO) not listed in the service life bulletins or MRC decks will be identified as what, via naval message, due to the lack of structural repair manual? Life Limited Repair (LLR) components
What program provides specific guidance for requesting P&E services for aircraft for aircraft sustaining damage or deterioration by some means other than a mishap? Planner and Estimator (P&E) Services
D-Level man-hours in excess of how many hours will require approval of TYCOM/COMNAVAIRFOR due to funding allocations? 500 hours
All damaged aircraft prior to induction for rework or repair shall be preserved per what, regardless of physical location, to prevent further deterioration of material condition? NAVAIR 15-01-500
The primary objective of any what, is to protect exposed surfaces and components against corrosion and other forms of deterioration? Paint System
What provides maximum flexibility, weather ability, and resistance to all aircraft fluids? Polyurethane
What topcoat is an alternate authorized for touch-up of polyurethane at O-level and I-level, only when polyurethane is not available, or when prohibited by specific directives? Epoxy Polyurethane
Only supplied air respirators are used for touch up operations requiring a quantity of paint greater than what per 8-hour period for paints that contain isocyanates? 8 ounces
Prevention of what is one of the more important requirements of the NAMP? Deterioration
What tracks location and status (installed, uninstalled, RFI and non-RFI) of engines, propulsion systems, and modules world wide, and provides reasons for any changes? DECKPLATE (Decision Knowledge Programming for Logistics Analysis and Technical Evaluation)
What is an automated management information system which provides for standardized local management of IMRL assets? LAMS (Local Asset Management System)
What is a system for the recall and reporting of test equipment by means of automatic data processing techniques? MEASURE (Metrology Automated System for Uniform Recall and Reporting)
What provides O-level, I-level, and ASD activities with a modern, real time, responsive, computer based MIS (Management Information System) NALCOMIS
What is the Navy's major logistics information system used in support of the COMNAVAIRSYSCOM Life Cycle Logistics System? NALDA (Naval Aviation Logistics Data Analysis)
What is a MIS based on collection, download, analysis, and visualization of available A/C systems data to provide information that can be used to enhance naval aviation readiness through improved maintenance, operation, safety, and training efficiencies? MFOQA (Military Flight Operation QA)
Who shall ensure trending and analysis policies and procedures are executed within the maintenance activity per T/M/S instructions? MO
Who shall provide trending and analysis report for Maintenance Dept use and per T/M/S instructions? SA/A
What relationship is a relationship which exists between senior personnel and their subordinate? Line
What provides scheduled control of the predictable maintenance workload? MMP
What is defined as work which contributes directly to the material value of the specific product involved? Direct labor
What is defined as work which is readily chargeable to, or identifiable with, a specific product but is incidental to and in support of the direct work and does not contribute directly to the material value of the product? Indirect labor
Overall position management effectiveness is the responsibility of whom? CO
What is defined as "the efficient attainment of objectives" Management
What is defined as "all actions taken to retain material in serviceable condition or to restore it to serviceability" Maintenance
Who shall provide qualitative and quantitative analytical information to the MO allowing a continuous review of the management practices within the activity/department? System Administrator/Analyst (SA/A)
If operating OMA, the SA/A shall retain copies of the weekly summary of NALCOMIS Baseline Change Reports for how long? 1 year
What are required to determine whether the airframe, power plant, accessories, and equipment are functioning per predetermined standards while subjected to the intended operating environment? FCFs
Pilots and crew members who perform FCFs shall be qualified per what instruction and the applicable aircraft NATOPS manual? OPNAVINST 3710
FCF checklists are published by what command whenever a checklist is required? COMNAVAIRSYSCOM
Completed FCF checklists shall be retained in the aircraft maintenance files for a minimum of how long or one phase cycle, whichever is greater? Six months
Who shall determine when an aircraft will be placed in preservation? MO
What is a general inspection of a specific area of an aircraft? Zonal inspection
Unless otherwise indicated by the PMIC, a plus or minus percent of what amount of the engine inspection interval is allowed for scheduling purposes? 10%
Engines with major inspection intervals of how many hours or more will have major inspections performed if 25 percent or less of the interval remains until the next inspection? 400 hours
What OPNAV report number is used to record SE issue and receipt transactions? OPNAV 4790/64 SE Transaction
All personnel shall have in their possession what valid document for specific SE being returned. OPNAV 4790/102
What form is used to record acceptance information, custody and transfer, rework, preservation, and ed-reservation, TDs, and any other miscellaneous history required to accompany the SE throughout its service life? OPNAV 4790/51 SE Custody and Maint History Record
They purpose of what is to provide operating units with a sufficient number of safe, reliable, mission capable aircraft to perform their assigned missions? Standard rework
All activities int he Navy are assigned a what for determining priorities for material support based on their mission? FAD (Force Activity Designator)
What, with few exceptions, is a manifestation of a logistic or maintenance support system failure? Cannibalization
All repairable SE components beyond IMA repair capability shall be preserved, packaged, documented, and shipped within what time frame? 24 hours
Under stock funding, what funds allocated in support of the Flying Hour Program are used to finance the replenishment of BCMd repairables? AVDLR (Av. Depot Level Repair) funds BCMd (Beyond capability of maintenance)
What are used to communicated maintenance and supply instructions to various logistic support levels and using commas for the logistic support of systems, equipment, and end items? SM&R Codes
What is the title of the overall program which provides the data required for the effective management of SE at all levels of aircraft maintenance? AMMRL (A/C Maintenance Material Readiness List)
What shall be used to establish a formal, continuous chain of accountability for specific equipment and material installed on or designated for use on any aircraft of a specified T/M/S? Aircraft Inventory Record (AIR) OPNAV 4790/112
When shortages are discovered upon receipt of an aircraft and not properly recorded on the AIRs, the receiving organization with submit a shortage list to the organization the aircraft was received from within how many days? 10 working days
NAVAIR publications dealing primarily with the operation and maintenance of aircraft and related equipment within the DON are issued by or under the direction of what? COMNAVAIRSYSCOM
A minimum of how many years data will be maintained at all times on the Conditional Inspection page? 2 years
What form is used to record significant information affecting the aircraft for which no other space is provided in the logbook? Miscellaneous/History (OPNAV 4790/25A)
What is used to maintain a current inventory of all equipment, components, and assemblies requiring an MSR, ASR, EHR, or SRC Card? Inventory Record (OPNAV 4790/27A)
What is designed to provide a current configuration and inspection record of ALSS components, kits, and assemblies? Aircrew Systems Record (OPNAV 4790/138)
What is a loose lead record. It may be inserted in the aircraft logbook or may stand alone? Aeronautical Equipment Service Record (OPNAV 4790/29)
What is a four page attached form that opens to make one record? Module Service Record (OPNAV 4790/135)
What is a two page form the provides a method of monitoring specific maintenance data on designated aeronautical components and equipment that do not qualify for a SRC Card? Equipment History Record (EHR) Card (OPNAV 4790/113)
What is a two page form used to record maintenance history, installation, and usage data? Scheduled Removal Component (SRC) Card (OPNAV 4790/28A)
Who shall maintain CM ALS? Physical custodian
What provides the Offices of the Secretary of Defense , the DON, and subordinate commands with comprehensive information on Navy aircraft? Aircraft Inventory and Readiness Reporting System (AIRRS)
What is the primary means of recording aircraft status changes, from acceptance into the inventory until final strike? XRAY
What is a subset of the aircraft SDLM specification which establishes inspection procedures to determine an individual aircraft's material condition prior to induction to or a 12 month deferral of SDLM (Standard Depot Level Maintenance)? Aircraft Service Period Adjustment (ASPA)
Generally, all detailed reports required of reporting custodians and ACCs may be treated as what classification of material? UNCLASSIFIED
DON aircraft may not be stricken without the direct authorization of whom? CNO
The CNO will approve a list of aircraft strikes how often? Semi-annually
If an aircraft is lost (not discovered) or destroyed, the reporting custodian will immediately report the strike in what category via XRAY? Category 1
What stricken category will be used when authorization for administrative reasons not related to damage, depreciation, or completion of service life is the cause? Category 3
Aircraft are stricken what category if eligibility for strike is due to completion of service life? Category 4
What form is designed to provide configuration and inspection record of a parachute assembly and its components? What about the seat survival kit record? OPNAV 4790/101 / OPNAV 4790/137
What is the maintenance required due to SE failures or as a result of discrepancies and deficiencies found during scheduled maintenance? Unscheduled maintenance
When operational requirements dictate, PM may deviate plus or minus 3 days on calendar cycles and plus or minus what percent on meter times? 10%
What is a loose leaf log contained within a separate cover and is used for selected items of SE? Aeronautical Equipment Service Record (AESR)
Requirements for lead-acid and nickel cadmium battery safety are in what? NA 17-15BAD-1
What is a concept that uses technology infusion to standardize tracking, monitoring, and management of all training (formal and IST) into an integrated, cohesive "cradle-to-grave" system? AMTCS (Aviation Maintenance Training Continuum System
What is an unclassified training management tool that supports AMTCS in the schoolhouse and in the fleet? ASM (Advanced Skills Management)
What is the official source document that displays an activities manpower requirements and authorization and is based on CNO approved manpower documents? AMD (Activity Manning Document)
Egress/Explosive system devices involved in mishaps will be rendered safe and disposed of by EOD personnel only. This shall be done only after the mandatory investigation required by what instruction? OPNAVINST 3750.6
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