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Ortho & Diagnostic

UA/Micro Ch 22 & 29

hot compress is an example of moist therapy
thermotherapy heat therapy
hydrotherapy water therapy
cryotherapy cold therapy
device that provides the most stability for ambulation walker
whirlpool is what kind of therapy hydrotherapy
OT works on what type of skills ADL - activities of daily living (i.e. brushing hair, teeth, zippers, buttons - fine motor skills)
what are the risk factors for the development of osteoporosis being female, family history, low calcium, smoking
sprain trauma to the ligaments and may also involve injury to tendons and muscles
strain injury to muscle due to overuse or over exertion
signs and symptoms of dislocation swelling, deformity, pain and tenderness
simple fracture bone breaks without penetrating the skin
hot water bottle is an example of dry heat modality
thermotherapy is used to promote vasodilation and circulation
an ice bag and chemical ice pack are examples of dry cold modality
eversion turning outward
inversion turning inward
what side of the body is a cane used on strong side
where is axillary bar of crutches placed 2-3 finger widths below the axilla
temperature of hot water bottle 105-110 degrees
bone scan test that visualizes the distribution of an IV injected radioactive isotope that collects in the bones and joints
ambulation ability to walk and move around freely
film imagining is on the decline because of the development of digital x-ray
which position is x-ray beam directed from the front to the back of the body AP - anteroposterior
in which position is a KUB x-ray performed supine (on back) KUB = kidney, ureter, bladder
excessive exposure to radiation from x-rays can lead to decrease in red and white blood cells, fetal damage, bone marrow damage
all personnel who work in close proximity to radiologic equipment should wear this dosimeter
provides a safety barrier for x-rays lead
angiogram examines blood vessels
CT scan radiological procedure that provides a thin cross-sectional image of the body
what can be used as a contrast medium during a radiological procedure carbon dioxide, iodine, air
which procedures use no radiation MRI and ultrasound
what is a contraindication for patients undergoing an MRI patients with a pacemaker
ultrasound study would be used for detection of gallstones
radiation therapy is used to treat inoperable tumors and areas of the body where a tumor has been removed but a portion may still be present
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