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derm diagnosis

WVSOM -- Skin -- Derm Diagnosis

macule circumscribed, flat discoloration that may be brown, blue, red or hypopigmented; may be whole or part of eruption
patch large macule greater than 1 cm
papule elevated solid lesion with no fvisible fluid up to 1 cm
squamous papules papules topped with scales
plaques circumscribed, elevated, superficial solid leasions greater than 1cm in diameter.
nodules circumscribed, elevated, solid leasions greater than 1cm
vesicles circumscribed epidermal elevation that contains free fluid up to 1 cm; may come from macule or papule
bulla roudned or irregularly shaped blisters containing serious or seropurulent fluid greater than 1 cm
wheal evanescent, edematous plateua like elevation of various sizes; develop quicly adn tend to be transient
pustules circumscribed collection of necrotic inflammatory cells and free fluid; inflammatory areola
scales dry or greasy laminated masses of keratin
crusts scabs; collection of dried serum, pus or blood
erosion focal loss of epidermis; does NOT penetrate below the dermoepidemral junction; heals without scarring
ulcer focal loss of epidermis and dermis; heals with scarring
fissures cracks; linear cleft thru the epidermis or into the dermis; usually when sin is thickened or inelastic
atrophy depression in teh skin resulting form thinning of the epidermis or dermis
scar new connective tissue tha replaces lost substance in teh dermis or deeper parts as the result of injury or disease
excoriations caused by scratching
comedones plug of seaceous and keratinous material in teh openign of a hair follicle
milia small, superficial keratin cyst with no visible opening (seen around eyes)
cysts small, circumscribed lesions with a wall and lumen containing eitehr fluid or solid matter
burrow narrow, elevated tortuous channel; parasitic
lichenification thickened epidermis induced by scratching
telangectasia dilated superficial blood vessels
petechiae circumscribed deposit of blood less than 1 cm
purpura circumscribed deposit of blood; greater than 1cm
annular forming ring/circle
arcuate part of a circle
polycyclic several intersecting portions of circles
serpigninous snake like -- curving line
guttate small round lesions; "drop like"
nummular coin-like
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