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Med Term Unit 5

Med. Terms for Unit 5 Pathology, otorhinolaryngology, and prefixes

Med. TermDefinitionWord Part
cocc/i spherically shaped bacteria combining form
strept/o twisted chains or strips combining form
staphyl/o clusters, like grapes combining form
bacillus rod shaped bacterium Singluar form
dipl/o double combining form; Prefix
uvul/o palatine uvula (Latin, meaning cluster of grapes) combining form
py/o pus combining form
-genic producing or formin Suffix
onc/o tumors combining form
path disease word root
purulent pus forming (blank)
-rrhea flow or discharge Suffix
ot/o ear combining form
auris sinistra (AS) left ear (blank)
auris dextra (AD) right ear (blank)
auris uterque (AQ) both ears (blank)
membrana tympani dextra (MTD) right eardrum (blank)
membrana tympani sinistra (MTS) left eardrum (blank)
tympan/o eardrum (drum) combining form
tympanies distended with gas (tight as a drum) (blank)
a- or an- not, lack of Prefix
brady- abnormally slow Prefix
tachy- abnormally fast Perfix
dsy- difficult, abnormal, poor, painful Prefix
audi/o hearing combining form
phasia speech (blank)
rhin/o nose combining form
lith/o calculus or stone combining form
chol/e gall, bile combining form
-iasis pathological condition or infestation Suffix
cholecyst gallbadder (GB) (blank)
phag/o eating , swallowing combining form
-pnea breath(ing) Suffix
men/o menses, menstruation combining form
peps/o digestion combining form
peptic digestion adjective
therm/o heat combining form
dia- through Prefix
plegia paralysis (blank)
gloss tongue (blank)
cheil lips (blank)
dactyl fingers, toes, digits (blank)
poly- too many, too much Prefix
syn- together, with Prefix
erg work (blank)
drom/o run combining form
pro- before Prefix
dips thirst (blank)
Korsakoff syndrome Organic brain damage brought on by alcoholism (blank)
micro- small Prefix
macro- large Prefix
Created by: sunnydazes