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Stack #2398271

nomad wanderers
matrilineal line is traced through or mother
migration moving from one area or country to another
Immunity natural resistance to disease
atlatl spear launcher
Geologist who study the orgin history, and structure of earth
Clan extended family of people with common ancestry
tribe group who share common ancestry
Famine an extreme shortage of food
Rock shelters Archaic
Planted seeds Archaic
Bear or deer skinned clothing Archaic
foragers Archaic
mammoths paleo
clovis point paleo
stampede there pray paleo
folsom point Archaic
farming woodland
mastodon paleo
mounds woodland
raised corn woodland
hammers archaic
flint knapping paleo
the earliest people who came to North america from where? Asia
People who passed their history,beliefs, and traditions to other generations by the diaries they left behind were called what kind of ppl? Prehistoric
What items were used by ancient people, such as weapons,tools,jewlery, and pieces of pottery are called? artifacts
Describe the Ice Age sealevels are lower than they are today
Why do we know little of the Paleo culture Unable to evacuate paleo sights
why do archeologist believe that indians believe in some kind of after life. the burial mounds
in which county is the largest mound found Marshal
what tool helped helped the indians throw a spear with more force atlatl
Created by: angelw.211