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Chapter 14

What were the 4 reasons? Religious Reasons, Political Reasons, Social Reasons and Economic Reasons
Why did the Church's plan backfired? Everyone was now fighting to go to heaven, they weren't fighting for God
What were the 3 main results of the Crusades? Thousands of knights and others died and lost their fortune, trade and common knowledge came back, and the power of the Church and pope weakened
What did the Pope want to do? He wanted to reunite Christianity, which had split into Eastern and Western branches
What were the 3 main problems the Church was experiencing? Bishops were bribing to get positions in Church, priests were getting married, and they used the practice of lay investiture
What could some priests do and others couldn't? Some couldn't read or write so they were alliterated
Did women play in an important role in the religious rival? Yes they did play a very important role
What was the series of religious battles called? The Crusades
What is the Age of Faith? Around 900, there was a new energy in the church, they established new religious orders.
What is a guild? An organization of individuals in the same business or occupation working to improve the economic and social conditions of its members.
What was the Great Schism? When there were 3 popes running with different beliefs.
How many people died with the Bubonic Plague? Over 1/3 of Europe's population.
Who was the pope who issued the first crusades? It was Pope Urban the second
What is the nature of a guild? An association of people who worked at the same occupation.
Whose rights did the Magna Carta originally intend to defend? English nobles (nobility)
What's the purpose of the Reconquista? To recover the holy city of Jerusalem and the Holy Land, Palestine from the Muslim Turks.
Which developments dud the most to end the Middle Ages? Crusades, Bubonic Plague, Great Schism, ad the Hundred Year's War.
What was one negative effect of the Crusades that has continued to present day? Hostility between Muslim and Christians.
Created by: 21sluke
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