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male reproductive

A&P II ch 16

scrotum external sac for testicles
perineum area between scrotum and anus
testicles male gonads responsible for production of spermatozoa and secretion of testosterone
seminiferous tubules coils of tiny tubules located in testes responsible for production of sperm
epididymis tightly coiled tubule that houses sperm until mature - mature sperm stored in lower epididymis
vas deferens narrow tube that transports sperm from epididymis to ejaculatory duct
prepuce foreskin of penis
glans penis tip of penis
seminal vesicle glands that secretes and contributes thick yellowish fluid (seminal fluid) to semen (into vas deferens)
prostate gland surrounds base of urethra - secretes milky colored secretion during ejaculation which enhances motility of sperm - muscular action aids in expelling semen
cowper's glands aka bulbourethral glands - pea sized glands empty into urethra just before it extends through penis. secretes alkaline mucous-like fluid for lubrication during intercourse
normal sperm count 50-150 million per ejaculation
anorchism absence of one or both testicles
balantitis inflammation of glans penis
cryptorchidism undescended testicle(s) - orchiopexy done to "fix"
epispadias congenital (birth) defect - urethra opens on the upper side of penis
hydrocele accumulation of fluid in scrotal sac
hypospadias congenital (birth) defect - urethra opens on the underside of penis
orchitis inflammation of the testes due to virus, bacterial infection or injury
phimosis tightness of prepuce of the penis - prevents it from being pulled back
varicocele abnormal dilation of veins of spermatic cord leading to testicle
AIDS deadly virus that destroys body's immune system by invading T-cells
Kaposi's sarcoma aggressive malignancy of blood vessels characterized by purple lesions on skin (AIDS)
chlamydia STD - bacterial infection that causes inflammation of cervix in women and urethra and epididymis in men
gonorrhea STD - bacterial infection of mucous membrane of genital tract in men and women. symptoms in men include greenish-yellow pus (purulent) from urethra, dysuria, frequent urination
syphilis STD - characterized by lesions (chancre) that may involve any organ or tissue - can also be passed from mother to fetus
chancre skin lesion of primary syphilis
circumcision surgical procedure where foreskin (prepuce) is removed from penis
orchiectomy/orchidectomy surgical removal of the testicle(s)
orchidopexy/orchiopexy surgical fixation of testicle - used for undescended testicle(s)
orchioplasty surgical repair of the testicle(s)
radical prostatectomy surgical removal of entire prostate gland as treatment for cancer
suprapubic prostatectomy surgical removal of prostate gland
TURP - transurethral resection of prostate surgical removal of a portion of prostate gland
vasectomy surgical cutting of vas deferens to prevent passage of sperm - male sterilization
VDRL test venereal disease research laboratory - serological test for syphilis - performed on blood serum
impotance inability to achieve erection of the penis
spermatozoa a mature male germ cell
spermatogenesis formation of sperm
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