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History Exam Part 1

Matching Sheet Cards

Reason Application of scientific method to help understand all of life
Humanism Study of Greek and Roman Classics
Laissez-faire State/Government should not interrupt the free play of natural economic
1st Estate Owned 10% of land in France
Tennis Court Oath Famous Oath did the third estate swear upon to fight for equal rights for all men in France
Bastille Prison Raided for its "Guns" to help fight for the cause
Consulate Gave the title to the Emperor of France
Nationalism Extreme form of patriotic feeling, principles, or effects can be described as Patriotism.
Jacobins Main political party in France the helped lead the Revolution.
Social Contract Theory Entire society agrees to governed by the general will and all individuals should be forced to abide by the general will.
2nd Estate Nobels
Heliocentric Model Sun-centered model by Copernicus
Sans-Cullotes Ordinary patriots without fine clothes
Robespierre Man charge of the Committee of Public Safety and was the cause of the Reign of the Terror
Napoleonic Code Also called the Civil Code
Continental System Napoleon's blockade on the British economy
Scorched Earth Burned every home and field on their way in hopes of devastating the enemy army (food and shelter)
3rd Estate Made up 88% of the population in France
Secularism Idea that the church and state should be separated and not involved in education
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