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Chapter 7 & 8

Dr. Pressman

The shaft of the long bone Diathesis
The ends of the long bone Epiphysis
Membranes that line the nebular cavity endoxium
lay down bone Osteoblasts
Resorbing bone Osteoclasts
Bone Cell Ostocytes
Vertebral Bones 26
Cervical (true ribs) 7
Lumbar 5
Thoracic 12
Sacrum 1
Coccyx 1
Most common curvature of the vertebral column Scoliosis
Joints formed by sutures, and have no movement synarthroses
Synovial membrane is usually found in Joints
Joints that permit the widest range of movement Ball and Socket joints
Another name for an open fracture compound fracture
Voluntary muscle is also known as striated or skeletal muscle
Intercolated disks are located in the cardiac muscle
Muscles made of striation are voluntary and cardiac muscles
Shaking your head "no" is known as rotation
Ankle bone tarsal
Thigh bone femur
Wrist bone carpals
Upper arm bone Humorous
Foot Bone metatarcels
Forearm radius, Ulna
finger bones phlangies
Back of hand metacarpals
Shin Bone Tibea
Kneecap patella
Injured ligiment around joint sprain
Disease where adult bones loose there mineral content pagent's disease
Infection of a bone ostoemyolitis
Strains are due to over stretching a muscle
Cancer of the cartilage Chondroscarcoma
An autoimmune disease that is a type of arthritis rheumatoid arthritis
Bone disease that is found in post menopausal women due to calcium deficiency osteoporosis
covers humerous Deltoid Muscles
Smiling muscle zygomatic
felction of the elbow Bisep Brachi
fan shaped muscle that covers the upper chest Pectoralus Major
Muscles in the lower back Latissimus dorsi
Butt muscle Gluteus Maximus
Primary calf muscle Gastrocenemius
Muscles between Ribs Intercostals
Bispe femoris muscle belongs in the hamstring group
Quadriceps group are rectus femoris and vastus muscles
muscle in the front of the lower leg Tibialis anterior muscle
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