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Semester Exam

Political party that favored limited power for the national government Democratic - Republican
warned Americans that political parties would have harmful effects George Washington
Political party formed in 1854 by people who wanted to keep slavery out of the northern territories Republican
Series of statements describing a political party's beliefs and positions Platform
Believed in a strong national government Alexandra Hamilton
Elections in which voters choose the party candidates who will run in a general election Direct primary
Strong political parties whose candidates win elections year after year Political machines
Procedure followed by unaffiliated candidates to get their names on ballot Petition
Geographic area containing a specific number of voters Precinct
Meeting of state or local party organizations Caucus
Voting results Returns
Lack of interest Apathy
A voting district Precinct
Asking a sample of voters leaving selected polling places how they voted Exit poll
The list of candidates on which you cast your vote Ballot
Part of the process that Americans use to select their president Electoral College
A way for citizens to propose new laws or state constitutional amendments Initiative
A proposed law Proposition
A way for citizens to approve or reject a state or local law Referendum
A special election in which citizens vote to remove a public official Recal
An attempt to promote a particular person or idea Propaganda
Support for a candidate by a famous or popular person Endorsement
An organization set up by an interest group to collect money to support favored candidates Political action committee ( PAC)
A politician who has already been elected to office Incumbent
Money for general purposes, not designated for particular candidates Soft money
Forms of communication such as television, radio, newspaper, and movies Mass media
A survey asking people questions about their attitudes Public opinion poll
Person whose job is to conduct surveys regularly Pollster
The idea and attitudes most people hols about a particular issue or person Public opinion
People who unite to promote their beliefs about an issue Interest group
Radio, television, and the internet Electronic media
False information published to harm someone's reputation Libel
Newspaper, magazines, newsletters, and books Print media
Problems government leaders focus on the most Public agenda
Secretly pass on information to reporters Leak
To promise Guarantee
Group that collects money from its members to support candidates Political action committee
Representatives of interest groups who contact government official directly Lobbyists
Impartial public interest group working on issues such as voter education Nonpartisan group
Group that supports causes affecting the lives of American in general Public interest group
System in which the federal and state governments share power Federal system
Awards of money Grants - in - state
Powers that are shared by the federal and state government Concurrent powers
Approval Consent
Powers that belong to the states Reserved powers
Powers to veto specific parts of a bill Line - item veto
Early release from prison Parole
Way for voters to unseat governors Recall election
Reduce a sentence Commute
Official who reviews record-keeping State auditor
Person who files a lawsuit Plaintiff
Judge of a local court Justice of the peace
A court that decides civil cases involving minor amounts of money Magistrate court
Person being sued Defendant
A legal action by a person or group against another person or group Civil case
Location of the county courthouse County seat
Examines all taxable property Assessor
Enforces court orders Sheriffs department
Elected chief administrative official County executive
Makes sure that a county's money is spent legally Auditor
In the New England states, a small political unit within a county Town
Smallest unit of local government Village
divided land in the Midwest into square blocks Congress
Outside the New England area, a small political unit with a county Township
Type of direct democracy Town meeting
Basis of the laws of the state of Louisiana Napoleonic Code
Was first published 450BC Roman Law
An earlier ruling on a similar case Precedent
Law based on court decisions Common Law
First - Known system of written law Code of Hammurabi
party that brings charges against an alleged criminal plaintiff
offense punishable by a fine or short jail sentence misdemeanor
individual or group accused of a crime defendant
crime that carries serious consequences felony
the printing of false and damaging information about another person libel
a judge's authorization to enter a person's home or property search warrant
a safeguard against being kept in jail unlawfully writ of habeas corpus
a negotiation between the defense attorney and the prosecutor plea bargaining
a law that punishes a person accused of a crime without a trial bill of attainder
being retried for the same crime, an action prohibited by the Fifth Amendment double jeopardy
important or urgent goals priorities
system of roads, bridges,water, and sewers infrastructure
money, material, and people needed to meet goals resources
document that describes master plan
guidelines followed when dealing with issues and problems that affect the entire community public policy
main crime-fighting force in the United States urban police
government programs that help people living in poverty welfare
schools that receive state funding but have the freedom to be innovative charter school
government money order that allows families to pay for private schools tuition vouchers
program in which law enforcement officers become a visible presence in neighborhoods community policing
act of protecting nature environmentalism
technical name of garbage solid waste
places used for garbage disposal landfills
government agency that coordinates ant-pollution activities EPA
attitude of refusal to accept anything undesirable in one's neighborhood NIMBY
The governor is the head of the state executive branch
In this excerpt, the governor suggest that the success of a long - term plan for the state's transportation funds depend primarily on an amendment to the state constitution that will prohibit the use of transportation funds for other purposes
Article 8 of the Arkansas Constitution indicates that the Arkansas legislature is bicameral
What role is a governor performing when he or she gives a campaign speech supporting a candidate for the U.S. Senate? party leader
Which typically provides sewer and water services? county govenment
Created by: willitre2020
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