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Government 2017

1st Semester Exam 2017

The idea that the power to rule comes from the people... "Consent of the governed" Popular Sovereignty
System in which the state government and national government share powers... Federalism
Each branch of government can exercise controls over the other branches to ensure stability Checks and Balances
Idea that everyone including citizens and leaders must obey the supreme "Law of the Land" Limited Government
Creates division of basic government into 3 branches where jobs are specifically defined Separation of Powers
Your privacy can't be infringed upon by government if you're not suspected of terrorist activity Limited Government
The job of the United States Legislature is to make national laws Separation of Powers
Congress proposes a bill, and the United States President vetoes the bill. Checks and Balances
People have the right to meet peacefully and ask the government to correct a problem. Individual Rights
There are ____ articles in the constitution. 7
The belief that people exercise their power by voting for their political representatives... Republicanism
Who decides if an government official should be impeached? House of Representatives
What are the roles for each branch of government? Executive - enforces law Judicial - interprets law Legislative - makes law
Explain what is meant by the "elastic clause." Why is it important to Congress to have this clause? Why is it controversial? see notes
This document assigns each branch of government special powers and responsibilities Constitution
The Power to declare war is delegated to the Congress
The Legislative branch has 2 houses, this is known as a Bicameral Congress
What are the three requirements to be a member of the House of Representatives (Essay) age 25 7 years a citizen resident of the state
What are the three requirements to be a member of the Senate (Essay) age 30 9 years a citizen resident of the state
Districts of a state are reapportioned after this reflecting changes in the population census
In what district is Preble County a member? 8
In order for the Senate to conduct business they need this, which is 1/2 + 1 A quorum
Only this House can originate a tax bill House of Representative
For a bill to become law, it must pass in this form by both Houses identical
The Congress can override a presidential veto by this vote 2/3
Powers that are spelled out are known as Enumerated powers
Identify 8 enumerated powers given to congress by the Constitution (Essay) See Article 1, section 8
This requires a jailer to justify a persons imprisonment Habeas Corpus
The President is also know by 2 other names, what are they Chief Executive and Commander and Chief
Article II Section 1 of the Constitution established a compromise between the election of the president by a vote in Congress and the election of the president by popular vote. This compromise is known as the Electoral College
Describe the formula used to identify the # of electors to the Electoral College. Use the formula to show how many electors Ohio has. (essay) number of Representatives for the state + number of Senators = number of electors 16 + 2 = 18 Ohio
The requirement to be the President include: age 35 years old resident of the U.S. for 14 years a natural born citizen
The president much deliver to Congress an annual address known as State of the Union Address
As result of the case of Marbury v Madison in 1803, the Supreme Court has the power of Judicial Review. This mean that Court can judge whether a law is Constitutional
This is the right to review the decisions of a lower federal or state court. Appellate Review
The commerce clause covers movement of people and things across state lines and ever form of _______________ and transportation communication
The Senate is premitted to __________ a tax bill. amend
The Constitution does not permit Congress to do this, which declares an act illegal after it has been committed, or increase the punishment for an offense already committed. ex post facto
This power provides money to spend for national defense and general welfare power to tax
Districts are apportioned according to what criteria? population
The sole power to conduct the trial of an individual who has been impeached belongs to Senate
The state government are responsible for holding elections and Congress is responsible for ____________ elections regulating
The process of working toward achieving general agreement within a group consensus building
The process of inducing others into accepting a point view by means of reasoning or argument Persuasion
Except in cases of impeachment, the Congress may restrain the president's power to pardon false
A term of office for the president is 4 years
Identify why the Articles of Confederation were unsuccessful No leader, No federal courts, No ability to tax, No army, No central monetary system, 9 out of 13 states needed to pass any new legislation, Need all 13 states to agree for amendment to the Article, no way to defend itself
Articles of confederation did establish one good thing, a federal government
What are the 4 features of a Sovereign state? population, territory, sovereignty, government
Why did Jefferson write the Declaration of Independence? To persuade the colonies and the world the need for the colonies to become a new nation
In order for a defendant to be found guilty of a committing a treasonable act, ___ witnesses must testify in court that the defendant actually committed the act. 2
Article III of the Constitution empowers courts to decide cases and limits them to the exercised of a certain kind authority
Anyone accused of a crime has a right to a trial by jury, except in the case of impeachment
To preserve the president's independence, Congress can neither raise nor lower the president's salary true
Except in cases of impeachment, the Congress may restrain the president's power to pardon false
The president's powers as Commander in Chief include the controlling of our military forces
Presidential powers in peacetime and war include having control of national and foreign policy
The Judicial branch provides checks and balances on the Executive branch by Judges not subject to removal by president
Created by: dtinstman
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