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pregnancy & developm

pregnancy and development

what is the structure surrounding an egg corona radiata
how sperm fertilize an egg 1
what much the sperm breakthrough to get to the egg corona radiata layer
when a sperm reach an egg, enzymes are released from ..... at the sperm head acrosome
where does fertilization actually take place fallopian tubes
how often does a fertilized egg divide once a day for the first 5 days
what is the ball of cells called after the first 5 days morula
what happens to the morula after 5 days cells become hollow with stem cells inside that develop into a fetus
when the ball of stem cells deposit in the uterine wall it is now called a blastocyst
name the outer cells of the blastocysts trophoblast
what does trophoblast do invade the endometrium wall
why doe the trophoblast invade the endometrium wall to start forming the placenta and umbilical cord for baby to recieve nutrients from the mother
what prevents the egg shell within the ovary from degenerating hCH Human Chorionic Gnadotropin
the site of gas exchange within a fetus chorionic villi
how is oxygen provided and waste removed from a fetus through the chorionic villi and unbilical cord
at 2 weeks the trophoblast had developed into yolk sac and amnion
the yolk sac structure will become the... of the baby digestive tract
the amnion will become the... during the pregnancy amniotic sac
between the yolk sac and the amnion are 3 layers called germ layers
what are the 3 germ layers endoderm (yolk side) mesoderm (middle side) ectoderm (amnion side)
the ectoderm will develop into nervous system, skin, nails, eyes
the mesoderm will develop into muscular system, skeletal system, reproductive system, urinary system and cardiovascular system
the ectoderm will develop into lungs, digestive system and liver
the nervous system starts as a sheet of cells and folds over to form neural tube
if the neural tube doesn't fully complete and close off what happens baby born with spina bifida
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