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A & P 102 test 4

What is a by-product of protein metabolism Urea
Blood circulating to the heart itself returns to the right atrium via what structures coronary sinus
what role does the pancreas plan in digestion neutralize stomach acid by producing bicarbonate
what hormone directly stimulates testosterone production in testes and ovulation in the ovaries luteinizing hormone LH
when the diaphragm contracts what happens 1) diaphragm moves down, expanding the thoracic cavity 2) the pressure within the lungs decreases
Which duct connects directly to the gallbladder cystic duct
what molecule is required to make t3 and t4 in the thyroid iodine
Lymph fluid is filtered out of the blood vessels due to----- pressure osmotic & hydrostatic
which vein carries the majority of blood from the brain/head? internal jugular vein
which sections of the small intestines empties into the cecum ileum
the last section of the large intestines sigmoid
what blood glucose is too high, what hormone is released and by which organ insulin, pancreas
what vitamin is required for normal vision Vitamin A
which nerve innervates the diaphragm and causes it to contract phrenic
the conduction system of the heart would progree from the SA node to.. AV Node, AV bundle, Bundle branches, purkenji fibers
What does the medulla sense to control the rate of respiration? pH
What is the function of the hypophyseal portal system Carry hormones from the hypothalamus to the pituitary directly
The internal anal sphincter is composed of what? smooth muscle
what blood vessels are direct branches from the aorta left subclavian, left common carotid, brachiocephalic trunk
what is the function of Anti-duiretic hormone? increase permeability for water in the distal convoluted tubule
within the kidney, what structure is composed of leaky capillaries that filter our fluid from the blood glomerulus
The trachea splits at the carina into what two structures right and left bronchus
which hormone stimulates the production of more platelets thrombopoietin
which cell type will cause an inflammatory response by releasing histamine mast cells
Name the lymphatic drainage duct cisterna chyli
Within a renal loop, the descending loops is permeable to..... while the ascending loop is permeable to... water, ions
which while blood cell enters tissues and becomes a mast cell basophil
what structure carries urine from the kidneys to the bladders uterers
the abdominal aorta splits directly into what two major arteries to supply blood to the legs Right and left iliac arteries
what action does Anti-diurectic hormone have on the proximal convoluted tubule nothing
The average lifespan of a red blood cell is how long 120 days
what structure releases oxytocin posterior pituitary
the structure of an antibody includes heavy chain, light chain, disulfide bonds, variable regions
what hormones are steriod hormones estrogen, testosterone, progestrone
which organ controls red blood cell production by releasing erythropoietin kidneys
what blood vessels brand directly off the celiac trunk hepatic artery, splenic artery, left gastric artery
the circle of willis contains what arteries. Anterior cerebral artery (left and right) Anterior communicating artery Internal carotid artery (left and right) Posterior cerebral artery (left and right) Posterior communicating artery (left and right)
what by-product of red blood cell destruction can cause jaundice? bilirubin
Which white blood cell with a multi-lobed nucleus is the most prevalent type of white blood cell neutrophil
what cell release the hormone calcitonin parafolicular
what is released by the stomach pepsinogen, hydrochoric acid
what hormones are produced by the pancrease insulin, glycogen, somatostatin
when blood calcium is low, which hormone will be released and stimulate osteoclasts to release calcium from bone tissue. parathyroid hormone
what conditions can result from using fats as energy for extended periods ketoacidosis
which white blood cell will become B-cells and T-cells lymphocytes
which salivary glad sits near the ear and masseter muscle parotid
the proximal convoluted tubules is permeable for which substances water & glucose
where is bile produced liver
white blood cells and platelets account for approximately how much of the total volume of blood 1%
what structure closes off the trachea during swallowing epiglottis
type II diabetes is caused by a lack of insulin receptors on cells
which valves will be closed during systole mitral & tricuspid
a renal papilla empties into which structure minor calyx
what is the oxygen carrying protein in a red blood cell hemoglobin
what muscles prevent valves from prolapsing in the heart papillary muscles
which part of the small intestines receives bile from the bile duct duodenum
what blood vessels surround a nephron and absorb filtrate and ions that leak from the nephron? vasa recta
what structure shunts blood from the right atrium to the left atrium in a fetal hearts foramen ovale
that cells produce sperm in the testest follicular cells
what the small holes in the capillaries of a nephron fenestrations
what is important for ATP production magnesium
between which two layers of the pericardium is pericardial fluid found visceral pericardium and parietal pericardium
Created by: Miccimouse
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