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skin bacterial Infec

WVSOM -- SKIN -- Bacterial skin and soft tissue infections

how do bathing habits affect bacterial infections? too much antibactiral soap kills normal flora
who do bacteria help prevent infections by pathogens? take up spaces on skin that could be taken by a pathogen
what colonizes dry areas? gram - cocci and aerobic/anaerobic diphteroids
what colonizes moist areas? faculatative and anaerobic gram-neg rods
why do bedridden patients tend to increase in gram-geg rods? fiber nectin receptors become diminished which allows for gram-neg to grow; why opportunistic diseases occur in hospitals
what are the most frequent bacterial pathogens? S aureus and S. pyogenes
what is propionibacterium acnes? resident flora; gram + rods; clogs sebum and causes acne
S. epidermidis? gram + cocci; resident flora
Waht is micrococcus sp? gram + cocci; resident flora
What is corynecacterium sp? Gram + rods; diphteroids; resident flora
What is lactobacillus? gram positive rods; normal flora
what are commmon exogenous S. aureus infections? abscesses, toxic shock adn bacteremia
what are frequent exogenous S. pyogenes infections? cellulitis, lymphangitis
What exogenous infection does H. influenzae cause? cellulitis
how is H. influenze seen under microscopy? gram - rods
What exogenous infections does E. coli cause? bed sores
What exogenous infections does C. perfringins caue? gas gangrene
how is C. perfringins transmitted? trauma. found in soil
what does Francisella tularensis cause? tularemia (gram - rods)
what does P. aeruginosa cause/ hot tub infection
what does P. cepacia cause? foot rot
waht does M. mariun cause? "fish tank cellulitis" (acid fast)
what does M. leprae cause? leprosy (acid-fast)
who do bacteria gain entry to cause exogenous infections? entry thru tiny abrasions in skin; maceration helps gain excess; trauma; hosptial procedures; pressure injury; compromised blood supply; decubitous ulcer
what is maceration moisture trapped against skin
what bacteria is seen in decubitus ulcer? mixed infection of S. aureus, S. pyogenes adn enteric organism
What skin infection does H. influenza cause? conjunctivites; early cellulitis
What is diabetic foot? a mixed bacterial infection
what are some endogenous infections that result in skin rashes? primary syphallis, diabetic foot, conjunctivitis, leprocy, meninococemia, secondary syphallis, rocky mountain spotted fever, gonococal septicemia, toxic shock, scarlet fever, sckaled skin
What bacteria is responsible for syphalis? treponema pallidum
what skin problems does primary syphilis cause? lesions
what is seen on the skin with lepracy skin infections resulting in scaring
How does meningococcemia cause skin lesion? from blood stream or by direct extension of an infection site deep within the tissues
Where is secondary syphillis most often seen? prisons
what bacteria causes Gonococcal septicemia cause? Neisseria gonnorrhoeae
what bacteria causes toxic shock? S. aureus
what causes rash in toxic shock syndrome? toxin release
what bacteria causes scarlet fever? toxin from S. pyogenes
what causes scalded skin syndrome? toxin form S. aureus
what skin problems are seen form noninfectious and secondary to septicemia or other sytemic infections? hemorrhages and petechiae
What is the licial name for epidermal bacterial infections? impetigo, folliculitis, ecthyma gangranosom
what bacteria causes impetigo? grp A strep adn S. aureus
what bacteria causes folliculitis a. aureus and P. aeruginosa
what bacteria causes ecthyma gangranossom? P. aeruginosa
What skin in fectino is seen in the dermis? erysipelas
what causes erysipelas? grop A strep
What do absesses of the fat and dermis cause? furuncle and carbuncle
what bacteria causes abscesses? S. aureus
What bacteria cause cellulitis? group A strep and/or S. aeureus
where is necrotizing fasciitis seen? in fat and fascia
what bacteria causes necrotizing fascitis? mixed anaerobic and faculative organisms; group A strep
what is myonecrosis? infection of muscle (gas gangrene)
what bacteria causes clostidial myonecrosis? C. perfringens
What is the most common skin disorder/ acne vulgaris
what causes acne vulgaris? excessive sebum production secondary to androgen stimulation
What causes abnormal follicular plugging? abnormal follicular keratinization
what is Erysipelas? infection that rapidly invades adn spreads thru the lymph. Produces overlying skin streaking and regional lymph node swelling and tenderness; occurs most time on legs
what bacteria causes lymphangitis? s. pyogenes
What does V. vulnificius cause? hemorrhagic cellulitis
how do people get hemorrhagic cellulitis? eating raw oysters
What causes streptococcal cellulitis? S. pyogenes
what causes sycosis barbae? S. aureus; infection of hairs of the beard
what is a carbuncle? series of boils that have coalesced together
what is hidradentis suppurativa? S. aureus infection of the apocrine sweat glands; usually in groin but can be in arm pits; apocrine glands swell and rupture
what is erythrasma? corynebacterium minutissum; presents like candida and difficult to differentitate
What causes ecthyma gangranosum? pseudomonas aeuginosa
what bacteria is tranfered from cat and dog bites? Pasteurella multocida (gram - rods)
What is cat scratch fever? Bartenella henselae (gram - aerobic rods); causes bacillary angiomatosis in Immunocompromised
what is bacillary angiomatosis? knots of capillaries
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