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Musculs.System Terms

Arthrodesis Surgical repair or reconstruction fixation of a joint
Arthroplasty Plastic surgery of a joint
Arthroscopy Examination of the interior of a joint by use of an arthroscope
Arthrotomy A surgical incision of a joint
Cartilage Thin sheets of fibrous connective tissue
Closed treatment Treatment of fracture sites, without manipulation, with manipulation or with/without traction
Debridement The removal of foreign material or devitalized or contaminated tissue from an area
Exostosis A benign bony growth that projects from the surface of a bone
Fascia A sheet tissue
Fixation The process of suturing or fastening a structure in place
Ligaments Bands of connective tissue that bind the joints together and connect the articular bones and cartilages to cause movement
Manipulation The reduction of a dislocation or fracture
Muscle Tissue that is composed of fibers and cells that cause movement and are able to contract. There are three types of muscle: striated, cardiac and smooth
Open Treatment Treatment of a fracture when the site is surgically exposed and visualized. The site may have been opened for placement of internal fixation
Ostectomy Removal of bone
Osteoclasis The process of creating a surgical fracture of a bone to connect a deformity
Osteoplasty Plastic surgery completed on bone tissue
Osteotomy Sawing or cutting of a bone
Percutaneous skeletal fixation Fracture treatment in which the fracture site is neither open or closed
Skeletal traction The application of force to a limb by a clamp, pin, screw, or wire that is attached to the bone
Skin traction The application of force to a limb using felt that is applied to the skin
Tendon A dense fibrous band of connective tissue that attaches muscles to bones
Created by: K.Lindsey