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Russian Cinema

What were the main styles of Pre-Revolution Cinema? It was Bugoise Cinema, there was Imitation of Lumiere, most were Adaptations, most were Melodramatic
When did the Russian revolution take place? 1917
When were Cartoons first attempted? 1912
What themes did Costume dramas often deal with? outlaws
What did Evgeni Bauer make? a trilogy called Mad Love… a societal drama
Which Cinema influenced Russia much more than American Cinema? French Cinema
Which Actress looks like Goryuchkina? Vera Corallie
Who was the first supporter of soviet cinema and who did he work with? it was Vladimir Mayakovsky, and he worked with Eisenstein and Dziga Vertov
What was Drankov in his early years? He was a Duma (Statehouse) photographer and filmed russian (Tolstoy) nobility.
what was Drankov’s acclaimed film he made about, and which actress played the victim? His movie was about a man who murdered women he proposed to. Allysa Friendlich
What general impacts did the Russian revolution have on film and who were the 2 great pioneers? film became educated and ideological, it glorified the worker. The biggest pioneers were Dziga Vertov and Eisenstein
Which time period is considered the hay-day of Russian cinema? 1917-1930
Dziga Vertov worked on films about which ruler? Lenin
Which 2 conflicts did Eisenstein present in his work? the Proletariat masses vs the Individual and the glorification of machinery
What were Eisenstein’s 2 masterpieces? Man with a movie camera and Battleship Potemkin
How did Vertov and Pudovkin start as film makers and what did they transition to? they started as cameramen for the Red army. The transitioned into news reel cinema, which was an Anti Traditional narrative
Who started Montoge cinema and who followed it? vertov started it, then followed by Eisenstein
Define Montage cinema? the rhythmic juxtaposition of the cuts, which creates conflict
Define the Kino Eye concept and how it reflected in films? The Camera sees the world better than the eye
Vertov Cinema is political how? This cinema is anti burguoise, which is focused on the elite. Heavy machine element, against exploitation of the proletariat
What emphasis does Tarkovsky have in his score? He uses music to emphasize intention
What is the meaning of Cinema (not movies)? films dedicated to the pure art + aesthetic beauty, importance
What happened to Soviet Cinema in the mid forties? there was a return to modern classes, switch to pure art.
Who were the 4 soviet rulers, in order? lenin, stalin, kreuschev, Brezhnev
Which ruler made the USSR very stale by sending many artists to jail? Brezhnev
Where was Brodsky from, which type of films did he make? he was from st. petersberg. Made exploitation films
What genre of films did Riazanov make, and under which ruler? Made comedies during kreuschev’s thaw period
What were the happy time of Soviet Cinema, why? the 50s, after fall of stalin.
Film throughout 21st century dealt with what? Romance, always in context of social satire,
Riazanov made which famous film, starring which actress? A railway station for two staring the actress Nikita Mikhalkov
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