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Pick the Article or Amendment based on the senario

Answer Question
Amendment 8 Although the death penalty is only legal in certain states, it can only be used in cases of homicide.
Amendment 4 Before entering a suspect’s home, a police officer shows a search warrant.
Amendment 5 Americans cannot be forced to be witnesses against themselves.
Amendment 1 A group of people assemble on the National Mall in Washington, D.C., to demand the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Afghanistan.
Amendment 1 Congress cannot pass laws that establish a specific religion.
Amendment 1 Congress cannot pass or interfere with Americans’ freedom of speech, press, the right to gather peacefully, or the right to express disagreement with the government.
Amendment 2 Americans have a right to bear firearms—or guns—legally
Amendment 3 The government cannot force Americans to keep soldiers in their homes during times of peace.
Amendment 5 Americans cannot be tried for the same crime twice. Double Jeopardy.
Amendment 5 Americans cannot be deprived of life, liberty or property without a proper trial
Amendment 6 Americans deserve the right to a fair trial, and access to an attorney.
Amendment 7 Civil, or non-criminal suits, may be tried by jury.
Amendment 8 When accused of crimes, Americans are protected from excessively high bail amounts or fines and from brutal punishments.
Amendment 9 Americans are entitled to enjoy additional rights and freedoms not included in the ten amendments.
Amendment 10 Powers not granted to the Federal government belong to the states and the people.
Amendment 7 When a passenger sues a city transportation authority because she sustained neck injuries, the case is decided by a jury, not by a judge.
Amendment 1 During election season, a local newspaper publishes an editorial endorsing one candidate over another.
Amendment 6 A person accused of murder cannot afford to hire a lawyer and is assigned a public defender.
Amendment 1 A family displays a Nativity scene on the front lawn during Christmas.
Amendment 5 When being interrogated by police, a person refuses to answer certain questions and chooses to remain silent
Amendment 3 In 1982, the Second Circuit Court of Appeals ruled against the State of New York for evicting striking correctional officers and allowing members of the National Guard to live in their housing instead.
Created by: Ms Plyler
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